Fan art challenge: MIDNIGHT BLISS~!

here’s a chance to have some fun with existing character designs – gender swap characters in line with theme of the week:

Male characters --> female versions
Female characters --> either become male versions, or become ber-feminine.

Here’s examples taken from the game where this idea originates from

please note that SRK posting regulations still apply, and that means no nudity. No little black boxes covering the essential bits, either.

18 Nov – 24 Nov: Street Fighter characters
25 Nov – 01 Dec: Marvel / DC comic characters
02 Dec – 08 Dec: all other Capcom characters
09 Dec – 15 Dec: SNK characters
16 Dec – 22 Dec: Free selection – no particular theme

Schedule in calendar format

Why “Midnight Bliss”?
In Capcom’s fighting game Darkstalkers, one of the characters – a vampire by the name of Demitri – has a super where he transforms his opponent into a female version of themselves before he drains their energy. This move is called *Midnight Bliss, *and is where this challenge derives its name from.

Am I limited to 1 character per week?
No, you can draw as many as you want. But please don’t spam up the thread with double posts. Post intelligently, please.

What happens if I post a pic with nudity in it?
You’ll get banned, plain and simple. So please don’t.

Are there any prizes for participating?
Nope, sorry. Just join in for the fun of it, and try to leave comments for other ppl’s work.

Midnight Bliss? Count me in oOOHOOHOHOOHOOOO!!

If you need refference sprites, pics, or fanart let me know. I’ve seen alot of stuff on the net.

what is midnight bliss?


you know im in :7)

I’ll try and squeeze out a few if I find the time :wink:

My wimmens needs work.

Can’t wait to see how this goes.

nah, the whole fun of Midnight Bliss is that you can take creative liberties with a character :slight_smile:
references provided should be of the original characters, not work by Nekkeau etc

I know, here are a couple of links to official sprites.

i’m totally gonna do the one for Hydron

for all those school swimsuit fans out there


heh, this’ll be fun.

soo is this for any characters we want or will we have a specific set to genderswap?

details this Sunday :slight_smile:

yes, but you don’t HAVE to adhere to them. Be creative, that’s the whole fun of this challenge.

how come the female characters didnt swap their gender but only the male characters?

The links were for members who don’t know what midnight bliss is. Sorry.



And good lookin’ out on the link. I didn’t know what it was. :sweat: But it seems like a fun idea. :woo:

This is gonna be fun. Dibs on Sentinel. :lovin:
gonna have to put my thinking cap on for this one…

sounds cool :chat:

can’t wait