Family Fun CVS2 Results 02/20/05

i have no idea what the results are so i figure somebody like combofiend or warren would fill me in…

Oh yeah, forgot to post this.

CvS2 Results.

  1. Ricky “Jump straight up” Ortiz A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka (2)
  2. Peter “I have no patience” Rosas A-Rock, Rolento, Eagle (2)
  3. John “Random FFA regular” ??? A-Cammy, Vega, Blanka (2)
  4. Ed “Combos Don’t Exist” Ma C-Ken, Yun/Rock, Chun (2)
  5. Mike “How do I Beat John” Watson C-Sagat/Vega, Guile, Chun (2)
  6. Albert “Pigadoken” Nguyen P-Blanka, Cammy (2), Sagat

Hmmm. Long tournament. 44 particapants, which is amazing for a cvs2 tournament in SoCal! Mike Watson scratching his head trying to solve how to fight John was too good. Sorry Mike, he’s random and just hit’s buttons, there’s no way to fight him :clap: Winner’s final score was 2-1 CF. Losers finals was 2-0 Ricky with the last game being an OCV. Grand Finals were 3-1,3-0 Ricky.

Jumping up and down is godsend.

No one happened to have taped any of this?
No K-groove in top 5… that’s somewhat surprising.

i personally would like to say that this tourny was hella random and dope at the same time.

why doesn’t anyone like the h2h cabinet for cvs2? i’d use that cabinet over that pink showcase anyday.

gg’s edma, ur chun li ocv’d my team. hahahah, next time.

gg’s watson, i really need to learn how to just stand back. i have no patience and ur sagat is a cammy killer.

thanks to hungbee for that advice, i’ll use it next tourny. =]

big ups to combofiend and warren for running this long as hell tourny, ur efforts are appreciated.


Dood, don’t you know how top tier this shit is?! How do you think I beat Goro in Mortal Kombat?


who’s john? :wonder:

John is the A2 master from what I hear. Good games John. And hey, I ran the first couple of rounds of CvS2. That’s like the hardest part of running the tournament, especially CvS2. Where’s my props? Hehe.

Dope turnout, but I sometimes wonder why me and a few other bored people managed to get in more than a few casual CvS2 games while no one was using them for the tournament. Multiple people were late/busy with other matches/gone…I just thought it could have been run smoother. That’s not a diss to the people who were running the tournament, it was a suggestion to all people involved in a tournament to do his fair share…like showing up on time…

I thought the controls were fine, but there should have been more stools. It was a good idea to blast that AC, since otherwise there would have been a massive BO funk…still kinda too cold for me, though.

The biggest issue was the one game format. 5 dollars for 2 games minimum? Sounded like a last minute decision…and I can understand that being due to the massive amount of signups, but the machines were far from being used efficiently. That kinda killed it…having to wait around and whatnot. Hmmm now where’s the ripoff…heh heh

LMAO!!! Mother-fucking Goro. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Sorry, that was probably my fault. I had a lot of trouble finding people in the beginning. No one was running the tournament for some reason so I just got it going. IIRC, I started it at 6 so it had to be single’s for awhile. Tournament ended up finishing around 2 or so. On the upside, hpefully you guys sneaked in some free games when you could. :rolleyes:

ed ma: good shit ed ma for runnin the brackets. :encore: