Family Fun Arcade 12-21-12 Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike End of World CUP

Because of the unfortunate circumstances that happened at the Arcade Relief, we need to have an event worthy enough to send FFA 3rd Strike out. What better way to to do, then on the night the world will end. I imagine it to be the scene in the Titanic, where the violin players all play together knowing that they will die, but they would rather do what they love doing.


Starting at 8pm Friday, we will begin the last 3rd Strike tourney at FFA. I have spoke to Ralph and there is a good chance he will give us extended hours to get in as much as we can. Here is a tentative run of events:

Generals, 2 Captains, pick teams like in kickball, captains go last.

5on5 same character team exhibition:
5 Urien vs 5 Ken vs 5 Yun vs 5 Denjin Ryu

3on3 team tourney


All tournies are single game, single elimination


End of World

We will start promptly at 8pm, so if youre not in time, you will miss out on Generals, Japanese players are NEVER late.

We will be making T-shirts for this event to sell. Design will be revealed soon.

Lastly, I want to invite those that came from outside of the LA area to come again. Louie, Abom, Neil, please make the drive again and bring me a California Burrito this time. Ty Mitchell, we cannot end this without you. Akuma Hax, I’ve decided to pitch in and pay for your trip down here, Merry Xmas, thanks for writing such wonderful pieces about me. And everyone else that don’t normally come to FFA, such as the James Games guys, please take one more trip this Friday.

Just remember this, the Japanese 3rd Strike community is strong not because they sit and wait around for sponsors or other people to set up events for them, they take it as a community to do it themselves. They take the time and effort and money to schedule events and book a place and everybody contributes to the community. Cooperation Cup isn’t run by some company sponsor, isn’t run by Capcom, it’s run by the players, for the players. After this year, there will be no FFA, but I plan to do this with the community, to rent a public storage and run a 3rd Strike event every year like how the Japanese players did with Yabanpaku and Coop Cup every year, even though the world is ending. Let’s all make the effort to come out and contribute to what’s left of this 3rd Strike community. Maybe we don’t need everyone to contribute money, or anything, but just having your presence and discipline to sit and enjoy and watch all the matches with us, is the best we can ask. And if you can contribute anything, such as helping to stream, or make some videos or advertise or buying some pizzas, or wearing our T-shirts to the most poppin club in Hollywood, please do.

Only if you go to the tournament I run at Super arcade in about a month’s time.

is there any video of this?

There’s definitely footage. Search “FFA 3rd strike end of world” and the Generals link should come up.