Family Fun 5/16 MvC2 CvS2 Results

CvS2 Singles 14 Entries:

  1. amir
  2. edma
  3. warren evil elvis

MvC2 Singles 24 Entries:

  1. amir
  2. potter
  3. chris schmidt

whoever has my mvc2 brackets, i need them to post on apex, so if it still exists i would like to have it, i’ll post everything a little later when i get everything together

No Soo vs. Wong? :frowning: Anyway, nice job to the top 3.

soo got peaced out by chris wong was a no show

Wow, seriously? Damn…

yeah soo got there hella late and started out in Loser’s. Chris was hella beastly throughout the whole tournament tho.

how come they didn’t play when both were in family fun earlier in the week? i heard sooo was ducking him like when you owe someone a lot of money and don’t have it, you kinda like hey what’s up then disappear

i think this guy named KAI has the brackets last time i saw. the guy using strider/cyclops/doom? he was quite beastly, i might add.

Good shit to the top placers. Amir is TOO GOOD

Good shit to Fresno peeps coming down. Chris holdin’ it down and Anton almost beating Amir???

i was the ONLY ONE RECORDING :bluu: i wanna post some videoz but i dunno how to put it on computer…maybe Magnetro will help me??

phat toi got 4th

that chris schmidt guy is seriously a mike ross clone, not in the way he plays the game but in looks! :lol: i was like “what up what up mike” then i looked at him for about a minute and realized it wasnt him :lol:

good shyt to all the placers especially amir for finally taking a marvel tourny. i’ll try to wake up on time next tourny, peace


Please post vids of the Fresno people, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: … damn, wish I coulda gone, too bad jwong didn’t go too

Soo offered to take over running the brackets when it came to the final 4. So i gave them to him and left. And I think Chris Schmidt and Mike Ross are the same person. Anyone ever notice they’re never in the same place at the same time?

Yi: If you can’t recover the brackets, I can try to name the placings off memory. there were only 23 entries so it shouldn’t be too hard.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

thats some xfiles shit…

I asked soo that night on aim if they played and soo was like ‘naw’. THen i was messin around like ‘savin it for evo eh?’ but he was jsut like ‘nah well he didn’t play me’, ‘i aint saving ish for evo lol’.

“Tournament director : Mike ross, mike ross on machine 1. where is mike ross??”
“Chris : uhm…I just saw him…I’ll go get him… Ducks into the bathroom

:cool: Yah! I Won two Bucks!

chris is just mike ross with a blue north carolina hat :eek:

Actually I was there, and Soo was ont he machine damn near all night. It was wong who didnt wanna play mvc2 for some weird reason. Shrug.

Just pointing out the facts =)

See nigs at ECC!!


i second that and also to point out wong left early to eat and said he would come back but never did…

lol translation for all those posts = pussy

fhuuuuuukin weak, i wanted to see that shit