Famed "Psychic" Sylvia Browne Dead at 77

I wonder if she saw it coming?

I had to check if she was that tarot card chick from commercials back in the late 90s.


I’m quite pleased that she is dead. I have no respect for people that claim to be psychic, especially for financial gain.

Whoa…your av says ‘berried’…and in the post there’s talk about Berry being alive and not buried…

Head explodes

I knew you were going to say that…

Guess she didn’t see that comi-


This isn’t news, I predicted this would happen long ago.

Sommabitches (Bernie Mac voice) you guys beat me to it…

You mean famed fraud.

The Amazing Randi punked Sylvia Browne so many times. I’m somewhat amazed that she was still invited to talk shows and what not, even after being proved wrong so many times in her life.

You definitely never see the inb4 coming.

good riddance

Awwww, i also wanted to make that joke :shake:

POS should have died in a car accident with John Edward.

i remember being a part of her msn group waaaay way long ago in the early 2000s and pointed out a simple logical fallacy in what she was spewing in her books, and i’ll never forget how many people simply said, “why dont you just let us believe what we want and go somewhere else”. i was like, uhh what. i had read a couple of her books before. i use to just go to barnes n nobles and just sit and read shitz for hours like that bitch was a library, and i was searching through various spiritual books when i came across hers.

at first i was like oh cool, this coincides with a lot of other things ive read before. granted i was fairly early in my journey to truly criticize her, but i noticed fairly early on how much she contradicted herself. she creates these objective realities, and then basically says, well its all about perception, then creating these subjective realities. so i was like wtf, that makes no sense, is it real, is it fake, or is it some matrix shit all in my head, this is garbage, and i made a post on the msn group being fairly nice about it. i was just like, ummm yeah, why does she say this “insert quote”, but then say this, “insert quote”, and all the wannabe witch house moms came out the wood work telling me to essentially stop trying to make sense of it all, and or let them believe what they want.

so while we criticize major religions for their blind followers, they exist everywhere. for me the spiritual journey is about seeking truths, even if there may be no end, or objective answer for it all. to see so called spiritual people settling into the lies and plagiarism of sylvia brown was just barf worthy. anything worthwhile she said in her book you can get from better sources, or the original sources, and her and her guide that she supposedly talked to all the time to get answers was a crock of nonsense.

i remember she use to have those long ghetto nails. haha. man, i havent heard her name in like a decade.


I have no respect for frauds. She lied and took thousands of dollars from people who were desperate, due to missing a loved one. She has been proven dead wrong several times, including the Amanda Berry situation. She was horrible human being who preyed upon the desperation and naivete of others, fuck her life.

And for someone who claims having common sense, Montel Williams really disappoints me. The man had been financially supporting this fraud for years, and still supported her after being proven dead wrong. Like c’mon man…

I was a huge fan of her work and will miss her deeply.

Is what I would say if I had a career built on the amount of honesty hers was.

“Psychic” in the thread title should be in quotes, given, you know, reality.

Montel Williams supports whatever gets him a check. Remember Money Mutual (payday advances for desperate people)? He had to know of the grody shit they were/are doing, but just didn’t care.

As for psychics in general, skip to 3:45 here:

As for Sylvia, she didn’t see death coming, but it sure saw her. That’s all that matters.

ding dong the witch is dead