FALL BRAWL II -- Cancelled --

Due to scheduling issues, this tournament has been cancelled. We at ACM appologize and hope that future events are better planned.

I’ll be there of course and I’m going to try and have all of my streaming stuff ready by then. GET HYPE!!!

The Killer Crawfish
Columbia, SC

I’ll be there

Last one was fun! I’ll def’ try to make it out!

Great… We might get Coos to narrate a little…

Glad to have the SC support… what games are you playing

Glad you enjoyed it last year… Hopefully this time will be 10x better…

not to sure yet

Sounds like fun. If anyone needs redemption it’s me.

Glad to hear it… Can I sign your Dictator up on the list…

Is it possible to barrow someones stick during the event? I only have a PS3 stick and I want to join the SSF4 tournament

@ Gak: I think we should add SSFIV teams on the list of events for the tournament. Also, will I need a password to access the internet on my computer from USC? I’ll be getting my streaming equipment tomorrow and I’m thinking about doing a test stream at Nashi this Thursday.

damn its been cancelled