Fake Doctor Creates SRK Dream Girl During Botched Surgery




Where is the DAT ASS image macro?

What she should have been going to the doctor for is some chin surgery instead of getting sealant stuffed in her butt.

There’s a dick in those pants.

lol it belongs to Kzoh

Considering what you’ll stick your junk in, just to “find out what a clit ring feels like”, all this chick would have to do is boast of a rectal bell or something, and you’d be all in there in half a heartbeat.

Followed soon after with another “shit in mouth” tale for GD.

I won’t lie. I’m looking forward to this.

Is it weird that I am far more disturbed by her jaw than her ass? What the fuck is going on with that chin?

He’s not asian though.

The only good thing is that it’s one less step to tossing that person in a lake.

No thanks.

As always, I blame Nicki Minaj for this. :smiley:

"The way you move it, I don’t believe it,
I ain’t NEVER seen an ASS LIKE THAT!


I wonder if the patient ever asked what her ass is looking like, because how the fuck is that anywhere near attractive? It’s like 2 beach balls got crammed up in there.

My body cringes just from thinking of the toxicity.

So if for some strange and magical reason I decide to fuck it, would the ass be hard as a rock?

What the hell is wrong with her chin?

dumb broad…lol

how the hell do you inject someone with cement…XD…

dat bison chin…

Woman with penis inflates another womans ass. Yeah, srk is jacking it to this.

That’s not an $RK Dream Girl. Only those crazy Chun and Cammy fans crying about DAT ASS wants that.

Dude, she’s got rubber cement in there. This is one time when I would have to advise to NOT put it N DA BUTT. Otherwise, you’re gonna end up being the rude punchline to the riddle,“What’s the difference between sex with a fleshlight, and sex with a flashlight?”


I’d hit it.
Most definitely.
Oh, but only because I could not possibly miss that ass from 500 yards with a sniper rifle. :tdown:

Also, FIX-A-FLAT? :rofl: Was the pun intentional?