Fairfield CA Tilt PRE EVO Tourney on 8/12/2006 Results!

Tilt Tourney in Fairfield CA for 8/12/2006

CVS2 (12 entries)

1st. Andry A Todo/Sak/Blanka R2
2nd. Tyram K Bison/Blanka/ Sagat R2
3rd. Tharimrattler C ken/Terry/Sagat R2
4th. Jhamarr
5th. turtle
5th. Aaron
7th. Travis
7th. D.Roh
9th. Snake
9th. koo
9th. Idiocy
9th. Warren

MVC2 (12 entries)

1st. Chunk
2nd Crizzle
3rd. Tinh
4th. Andry
5th. Albert W.
5th. Kelly
7th. Jhamarr
7th. tharimrattler
9th. snake
9th. Daniel
9th. Tyler
9th. Som

T5 DR (7 entries)

1st. Som
2nd. Phillip
3rd. Ahrmon
4th. Vernes
5th. Eddy
5th. AJ
7th. Aaron

Thanks to all for coming to the tourney. All that is left is EVO WORLD! Yo Chunk, Take that shit man. we are gonna take a break from tilt tourneys for now. the next tourney will be sometime in October. see you all again. later. Alsot, can the person who was tapeing cvs2 and marvel besides myself put up the footage on youtube or something. thanks. good shit for doing that btw.

here are the vids.


Tyram vs Turtle match1


Tyram vs Turtle match 2


Tyram vs TVS match 1


Tyram vs TVS match 2


Tyram vs TVS match 3


D.roh vs Koo match 1


D.roh vs Koo match 2


Tyram vs Andry GRAND FINALS match !


Tyram vs Andry GRAND FINALS match 2



Tyram vs The Chunkster


Hope you all enjoy the vids. hope to see more of you at October’s Tourney. good luck to all of you at EVO! Bring the titles home to the fucking BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Chunksta rapeeeeeeeeeeees

I dont even post here anymore, but I met him a while ago at SVGL and he was chill as fuck… you da mannn