So here is the deal. I own http://www.fadcultra.com.

I was going to make a free blogging community for SRK similar to blogger or wordpress for users to share whatever they want.

An example would be nell.fadcultra.com

However, plans are plans and I never got around to doing it. If you have a great idea for the domain you can have it for FREE! I’ll let this thread go until Christmas Eve then I will award it to the person with the coolest idea.


If I get more votes in the poll to develop my idea (or some people want to collab) I will try to become less lazy and finish it.

Neat idea, man. Makes we wanna get back into web design, lol. :slight_smile:

Movelist database. Make a website that is devoted to having movelists for characters for fighting games. Make it as a wiki so people can come in and add to it and you don’t have to do all the work. I’ll help contribute and you can setup guidelines for adding movelists. Setup graphics so all movelists will be seen as arrows and punches so it’s not all 432 hp lp lp but instead :qcf::hp:. I think that would be an awesome resource.


forum placement fail

I think your idea is awesome keep up the great work u doing.

Canto is on point: there used to be a wonderful website dedicated to old Neo Geo fighters (Garou, Last Blade 2, etc) and it had .pdf movelists in :qcf::p: symbols. I forget the name of the site, maybe someone can point me to it. Point is, having all the moves in one place really rocks, especially with symbols.

Give it to this guy, and let him host this program (which is pretty awesome) there.


I like this a lot. It would be easy to get it up off the ground quickly. Then perhaps I could integrate the blogging network piece by piece and we would end up with wiki.fadcultra.com and blog.fadcultra.com and on the main page a link and description of both services.

Well I plan on giving it away for a good idea. Somewhat like a trade? Pardon Me

Why is this in the trade forum?

In a perfect world I want to give the domain away. If a mod wants to move it feel free

ya u guys missed that he wasn’t advertising the site, he’s giving it away

Damn. I just googled it and theres a wiki page thats already like what I was describing:


Well, it’s very incomplete and the main wiki is not dedicated to fighters. You could start up one along with a blog and keep it updated and growing.

I’ve been looking into the blog as well as the wiki. With time the automated blog signup looks possible since my host allows wildcard dns.

id be interested plz get in touch with me … what kind of trade u looking for