FADC usage for Gen

Hey guys,

Advice sought for when FADC works for Gen. I’ve seen folks pull of FADC with MK->Hands but maybe my timing is off or something, can’t seem to get it to cancel once hands is in motion? I have utilize also in the roll, however it’s so easy to get hit after.

Other questions I have is can you pull mantis super or ultra after middle genkiro? I’ve read somewhere that you can but I haven’t been able to pull off myself.

Can you connect mantis ultra after crane crouching short? I can connect super without issue but haven’t been able to connect ultra (either crane or mantis).

Help appreciated!


FADC for hands has to be done of first hit so you have to make it one solid motion. If you can do MK-hands then try adding immediate FA after the input.

You can get Crane ultra after incomplete Gekiro so logic would dictate you should get Crane super also but I’ve never tried this. I don’t know about Mantis ones but I’ve never heard anyone mention it being possible for those.

Crane c.lk -> Mantis ultra works if you hit them very close or in the corner. It’s hard even if you do it close in the middle of the stage.

Every hit of Gekiro scales, it’s not worth doing at all.

Yes, but it’s very difficult anywhere but the corner (and still requires practice and good timing in the corner).

awesome quick replies, i love this forum.

any other moves to utilize FADC other than mk->hands and roll? i don’t think you can FADC gekiro?

thanks for the tips guys!

I’m not 100% sure but I dont think you can accomplish this because gekiro doesnt put the opposing character in a state that mantis super/ultra can hit. crane super/ultra is like an air grab on the other hand, and if timed correctly, you can pull one off after an incomplete gekiro.

Gekiro --> Crane.Super/Ultra is definitely something you dont wanna do all the time, especially cuz of the scaling… but if it wins you the match…

If you do an anti-air Gekiro and immediately hit with 1 followup kick, you can land quickly enough to ultra and the scaling isn’t bad at all. The game seems incredibly picky about which characters it works against and the proper angle for it, though. It’s kinda like Ryu’s early jab DP into ultra - in both application and damage - but far more difficult.

Yea, very picky. Like I dont think you can hit Cammy or Fuerte at all. An Honda you can do a 2 hit Gekiro/ultra from the ground. for a fat guy, he seems to float very well.

I feel like anything other than hands > fadc is gimmicky. Frame Advantage is really important in this game, and hands > fadc is the only thing off of FADC that guarantees + frames on block and hit.

Here’s how I do it [media=youtube]QQvZV7KOWDA[/media]

Heh, fun fact. If you counter hit hands, you can combo a lvl2 focus.

I thought about this a couple of days ago but never bothered testing it. Nice to know it works but yes, it’s just a funny fact.

Hi, I’m new on this forum and I’ve been playing with Gen for a while.

Can someone please post a video of how to do this Gekiro-mantis super/ultra combo?
I was able to do gekiro-crane ultra, but I’m with a hard time on this one

He’s talking about Crane ultra.

Are you talking about catch them with the Crane (KKK) ultra after doing a couple hits of Gekiro?

Don’t bother learning this.

Yeah, I toyed around with the Crane ultra after a Gekiro. It pretty much is way to situational and can easily miss if its the wrong character or you catch him in the wrong part of the Gekiro. Waste of time. Better off just doing Crane double roundhouse into ultra.

I figured out how to do this combo, but it’s quite useless like people already said here.

How about:

Mantis Super -> Gekiro -> Crane Ultra

Can do it? Any reason to? Probably not because of scaling but…

Also, thoughts on completing Gekiro kick for meter, and how/why tournament players (ones I see at least) not finish it. I’ve noticed you gain considerable meter–even as a combo finisher–for each kick.

I dont finish it because I set them up as high as possible so I land first. Otherwise they will land and quickstand at the same time I do.

I would like contribute, the way to cancel the first hit on hands as you know it’s been discuss earlier, but nobody got it right, the way to do it is holding forward do the first four inputs, then at the fifth input you press forward and mp+mk+ hp (at the same time), if you do it right, this is the fastest way possible to cancel first hit hands, your opponent will be on blockstun if he blocks or hitstun if he got hit. For instance cr. mp+hands, the way I do it is: down-forward, mp,lp,lp,mp, forward (mp+mk+hp). The important is the last input (forward+mp+mk+ lp or hp), 'cause the last input would determine the intensity of hands (lp or hp).

Guys, I know there is a video about how Xian do it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeN6_4sJntA), but it is wrong 'cause that method do not allow you to do it consistenly, I am pretty sure that Xian do not use that, because he do it flawless.

This method also works with mk, hands, you do the exact same ending.

I messed up my explanation, what I meant was forward, mp, lp, lp, mp, (forward hp plink with mp+mk).