FADC rekkas.. and FADC in general

Alright It’s been long enough, I must be doing something wrong. When I FADC the second Rekka I can barely make the close MK in time. I spend too much time transitioning for the ex FA into the dash I assume…I’ve only had this problem with yang.
Check out wongs FADC rekka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmWlXLbFzBM Start watching at 1:53. His FADC is instant, he’s only gold for 1 frame!

I’ve been using my middle finger and thumb to fadc. I’ve seen gooteks just lay his middle finger on MP.MK.

Geez it sounds like I’ve just picked up vanilla SF4 or something. Any tips guys?

It’s hard to diagnose the problem but I think you may be inputting dashes before you are pressing mp+mk. After you input the 2nd rekka, press mp+mk. You don’t even need to wait until the animation of the 2nd rekka ends. Just instantly press mp+mk and then do your dash. The link into close s.mk is very easy. just wait until yang finishes the little hop animation for his dash.

Not sure if that will help but I tried.

I’m still ultra inconsistent with this after a few training sessions. I can FADC everyone else’s specials REAL easy. Yet have different results on second rekka FADC…

-the third hit will be the actual focus attack instead of MK
-MK won’t come out (minor issue, I can fix that with timing and plinking)

I’ve also noticed that in most cases after the second rekka I only need to tap forward ONCE instead of the regular 2 times to dash…

Any thoughts? How do YOU all do it?

The dash issues come from a shortcut. if you FADC after a QCF, your last input is forward. that forward counts as one of the 2 dash inputs you need to FADC. so you only need to dash once after a fireball, but you need to dash twice after a dragon punch.

So then I’m not wrong to be using this to my advantage? I really tried to hit forward twice anyway to keep things consistent and make sure I wasn’t abusing something that could be with JUST my stick.

I guess I’ll add that into how I do it all the time then. Only 1 forward tap for dash.

Yeah. A lot of people FADC that way. I actually make all of my DPs a 6236 motion so I only have to tap forward once. But yeah just keep trying it different ways to find out what feels right for you. Try to do Rekka X2, FADC, nothing. just FADC into nothing for a while. then start adding mk, roll kick, Ultra 1, Ultra2 etc. Oh and as for hitting mk after the FADC, wait until Yang finishes his dash motion. Wait for him to land after that little hop he does.

The way I do it: 2x rekka, forward, MK+MP, forward. I can do that alot faster than MP+MK, 2x Forward. And be sure to plink mk after the FADC

2x rekka, forward, MK+MP, forward.

Well according to what I’ve discovered and CHIMA confirmed, you don’t need that forward I underlined right? The forward is already in there from your second rekka. But yea that last part is exactly how I’m gonna finish it now.

Yea I know but I still prefer my way, because you can apply it to every character. Shoryu FADC, Flamekick FADC. Or something like absorbing a fireball and dash on impact. That shortcut CHIMA gave you it works. But imo its best to not use to many shortcuts to harm your execution. But that’s just me.

I dont think it really harms my execution that much. I can do palm fadc into ultra 2 quite easily while I still do the shortcut for the rekka fadcs.

It’s all good as long as you are landing the combo consistently. IMO shortcuts are perfectly fine as long as you know how to do it the real way and you understand how the shortcut works.

no problem with fadc with me. lol!!!

yang’s mantis FADC is a bit different from fireball FADC , there are quite a number of frame gab for you to execute FADC, that explains why you have problem hitting close mk … If you FADC at the first few frame right after you focus cancel you will have to wait for a split sec before punching in the mid kick , I hope you get what am I trying to say