FADC nerfed - still useful? basic questions

Hey all,

I’m new, and just got my fightstick delivered (stoked!) and maybe i’m putting the cart before the horse, but I’ve been practicing HP shoryuken > Focus attack dash cancel > ultra all day with Ryu. I haven’t even played any online matches yet.

I’ve been reading a lot about combos etc, and I wanted to get my hands used to the stick, and FADC seems as good a place to start as any.

But from what i understand Ryu’s cancelled shoryukens are nerfed; does this make the move less useful?

would I better served to just play matches for a week or two instead of trying to nail this one move (which, btw, I can’t do yet :open_mouth: I get the cancel in, but the ultra isn’t connecting.


of course it’s useful. given that you have two bars of meter, would you rather have 150 damage or 398 damage?

well the dp itself trades with alot of stuff now (usually when you use it as an anti air) but combo still useful, damage is reducded a little since vanilla, but damage was nerfed all around. but it still works effectively.

could you clarify that, i’m not getting how bars of meter affect combo damage.

You need 2 bars of meter to FADC

Use the lp srk for fadc purposes???

Ah i get you… given that I use 2 bars, I want to connect with big damage after the cancel

Don’t forget that pulling off unsafe combo’s alone don’t win the match. Know your footsies too.

Although it is definitely still useful, you should probably practice bnb combos first.

Will do Star, I feel like I should be practicing more than just one move too. What are Ryu’s core combos?

Check the ryu forums. You’ll get an extensive list there.