I’m having a hard time landing a hit right after the FADC part of the combo, st.MP for example. Is it just a hard link or is there a special timing with the hands before doing FADC? I can usually do other characters FADC combos without issues.

A couple of things to know about FADC hands combo:
You have to activate FADC on the 4th hit of the hands combo. Just to be clear, Mantis cr.mp into hands combo would be a total of 5 hits. I’m only talking about the 4th hit of the hands part.
Second, you probably know this already but basically, put controller to move Gen forward as soon as he’s doing the hands. On the 4th hit, quickly go back to neutral and hit forward again to achieve the quickest dash without the delay of hitting forward twice in a short frame.

Aah I see, it’s definitely working a lot more often if I wait for the 4th hit. Thanks for the help!

It definitely works like this, but what about in crouching oponents, you have to FADC it in the first hit, somebody has a tip to do this this? Xian do it consistently, but I don´t know how exactly.

Thanks for the answer, but the opponent is not crouched

Thanks for the anwer, but the opponent is not crouched.

it works on crouching opponents just try it and see for yourself

Yeah I use that same method myself.

Thanks I did it, It is quite difficult, but I think is the best way because if you do it right you would be able to continue the combo. If the opponent is crouched you just can hit him one time, maybe two. Xian can do it like machine, his execution is just perfect.

I would like contribute, the way to cancel the first hit on hands as you know it’s been discuss earlier, but nobody got it right, the way to do it is holding forward do the first four inputs, then at the fifth input you press forward and mp+mk+ hp (at the same time), if you do it right, this is the fastest way possible to cancel first hit hands, your opponent will be on blockstun if he blocks or hitstun if he got hit. For instance cr. mp+hands, the way I do it is: down-forward, mp,lp,lp,mp, forward (mp+mk+hp). The important is the last input (forward+mp+mk+ lp or hp), 'cause the last input would determine the intensity of hands (lp or hp).

Guys, I know there is a video about how Xian do it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeN6_4sJntA), but it is wrong 'cause that method do not allow you to do it consistenly, I am pretty sure that Xian do not use that, because he do it flawless.

This method also works with mk, hands, you do the exact same ending.

I messed up my explanation, what I meant was forward, mp, lp, lp, mp, (forward hp plink with mp+mk).