FADC Frame Help

Alright, so I’m using Fei long, but the thing is, I can’t seem to FADC at the right time. Most of the time I use the Flame Kick, but I can’t seem to find the correct frame to start the FADC. Any help?

You start it pretty early. Pretty much as soon as you hit the kick button for the Flame kick, go right into pressing MP+MK.

That’s what I thought too, but most of the time, he just follows along with the kick.

If you’re not getting the FADC, do it faster.
The only real exception I can think of is with Oni, for whom you have to input the focus during the hitstop of the second hit of his dragon punch.

You’re doing it too slowly. Do it faster. You have to cancel it within the first few frames that the kick connects.

It feels like you have to FADC right before the first hit of his flamekick actually lands. This timing might be off but you have to do it FAST. The thing with FADCs is a lot of the time you just “do it” and deal with the concequences later. If it was blocked then you quickly dash back, if it was hit you dash up and chicken wing. There aren’t a lot of times you can hit a special, THEN confirm if it hits, THEN fadc out of there.