Facebook wins.

Just read the news. Inevitable. RIP SRK forums.

fuck facebook
wtf do the canons really think anyones going to visit srk if the forums are killed off? there are people willing to pay money to keep srk alive. fuck them for announcing the death of srk in such an asinine way. they just gave everyone a big middle finger

If money were the issue, they’d be better served by making a frontpage that doesn’t need an adblocker to be readable.

I agree fuck facebook.

I work for them and money really does seem to be the issue. The forums don’t generate money and they cost money. The frontpage/website in general doesn’t bring in enough money either. We’re not doing well. We would do better if less people used adblock but I totally understand because it’s very obnoxious. Journalism is pretty much dead at this point (it’s a fucking joke thanks to social media) and people only read articles if they’re very highly dramatic, callout posts, or game reveal stuff at best.

To be honest—more honest than I should be, but that’s how I am (sorry SRK if you read this I’m spilling it)—SRK itself is probably going to die as a website or largely transform. We kind of in a scramble to stay afloat right now.

Damn thats sad but I can totally see it. When the only thing you “sell” is info and you have to compete with random ass FB groups, twitters, reddit, and whatever else the kids are using.

they need to bring back premium memberships. there are plenty of people here who would pay for various different tiers. also sounds like vanilla is way too expensive, they should’ve stuck with vbulletin which was fine

PS: did you delete your facebook again? lulz

I was bummed when premium went away. It was a nice way to support the forums and have small perks like custom avatars.