Facebook is mad serious


I’ll friend her just to drop some flame on her wall and defriend her. Let’s see her pops come fuck with me.


Thinking it this person:


The other ones don’t fit the Tennesee thing… this one doesn’t have anything public.

This girl has that crazy look to her that makes you want to sleep with her to hear what kind of batshit crazy stuff she would say while doing it :slight_smile:

Strange. How do people spend so much time on Facebook?
I’m bored at work all day, and being on Facebook for over 30 minutes kills me.

They’re REALLY interested in what other people are doing, as they probably are jelly because they have no lives themselves.

some people are more bored than you. I clean people’s pc’s all day, and its shit like this. They spaz the fuck out because they can’t playing farmville or youville or whatever on facebook. That shit becomes their NEW life. You have no idea how many computers I log on to clean, and the only thing on their is a facebook account with like EVERY fucking app and game installed, and virtually every free game from wild tangent, or free games player, or free ride, or whatever. It’s broke ass people, with 10 year old pc’s, who find themselves some free games that will actually work on their computer (not to mention that Zynga is the evilest mother fuckers in the universe and their games aren’t actually games at all).

Think of it this way: Facebook is an online forum where threads are made based on whatever you feel like posting. The difference is that the members of any one particular forum are pre-emptively screened by you since you only allow people you know to be in contact with you. While a great idea, the problem is that a good chunk of the people who have been online are already members of one or more forums on which they have met people who enjoy similar things to them and can discuss those intelligently. Your acquaintances on facebook are less likely to be as well versed in all the things that you like because you aren’t trying to communities on facebook (even though they exist) but mostly the blokes you interact with on a daily basis.

For people who were pretty new to the internet, the 45- and up crowd, facebook is an exciting prospect because they’ve never been to a forum and meet strangers, but instead create the personal one described above and can reconnect with old friends. Problem though is that whenever somebody starts a thread, the thread starter is on the spotlight because usually these conversations center around something the poster agrees with. By starting these conversations, friends are also getting to know a lot of stuff about their friends they may not have been aware of like stances on political views and other random things; and that’s when awesome facebook fights start.

In short, facebook bores you because the only fighting discussion you have there is the SRK group putting links to the shitty front page article. So for the most part,you are better off going to forums were you already have internet friendships with people who already like something you like.

Although in all honesty facebook is more like 4chan than a forum. Only good thing about Facebook is that people put themselves on blast saying stupid shit by doing it with their real names and with a picture of themselves next to it. Hella godlike to see so many people be so bad at the internet.

Amen to that.

My local fighting game scenes (southern tier of upstate NY, and Northeastern, PA communicate almost exclusively via Facebook… Otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother.

And you wonder why I won’t DO Failbook…

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Compared to when that first post was made - that’s not a lot of people here… but on FB, they post a lot…

Most of the posts are by me or my friend Necrotrophic… Whereas the group gets about 20+ posts per day…

Yeah, so I stay on FB for those two.

Because if you heard the people you know say stupid shit, you’d have a brain aneurism. Its bad enough to hear stupid shit on SRK but, when you see that full name and that face say something “Spudly/Hubcapsignstop/Flame Mammoth33” level, you’ll want to start punching monitors.

Sigh… once again my home state of Tennessee makes the news for all the wrong reasons.

I hear you man.

I’m in IT and some of the employees at my workplace ask me to visit their home or will bring their PCs to work for me to take home and look at. Going to their homes is not recommended, especially if they have kids. Kids installing over 9000 Yahoo games and accepting EVERY toolbar that comes with them. One lady ripping me for her Facebook password like I’m suppose to know it. “Remember your password” is a convenience. Its not so you can’t forget the damn thing.

My 10 yr old nieces that live with my sister-in-law had indulged themselves into social networking and adult youtube and google searches. They had uploaded their pictures to Facebook and had 30+ buddies on their Oovoo. None of this surprised me though as I’ve been in too many homes where the children “broke the computer” aka went to some hacked p0rn site and got some spy/malware.

The Social Network is a really fucking good movie.

Facebook is so stupid now. I still have one but havent logged on in about a year and a half. My close friends always tell me to get a life because im not up to date with everyone on facebook… they spend hours and hours on that website. Recently at a superbowl party I went to (small gathering like 10 people) everyone literally was just on their smart phone, updating statuses constantly about shitty commercials, playing words with friends, or talking to other people on facebook about the game they arent watching. It was annoying as fuck, I felt like I was the only one watching because everyone was staring at their phones the entire night… it got more annoying when they kept updating the room on what their friends were doing for the super bowl. I get flack for playing video games from my friends and yet all they do is jerk off on the same web site all day.

I hate this whole social networking shit now.

It bored me.

I have >40 friends on facebook, my last account had upwards of 700. I deleted it because it was annoying to see how stupid people actually are, having a new one with some close friends really took off a lot of stress. But the site itself is a turn off for me. My account it currently in the process of being deleted.



And people wonder why I don’t have a facebook.

Wait, is this usually the case with some of these people?

I can only recall a few times I’ve been told to “get a life”, and I bitched them the fuck out for it.
I’ve engaged myself with several hobbies, but when I’m asked about my gaming life/career and they talk down on me about it, you bet your ass I call those guys out.
Chances are, people who question things like that either have a sorry life, or have no real hobbies of there own (so it’s damn easy to make fun of them).

But what do I know, I’m socially awkward! And damnitt, that attribute attract girls when I’m shit face down town.