FA: Street Fighter 3, Third Strike CPS3 System with Hard Drive

This is a working system. If someone wants to propose a price for a buy it now just let me know.

This system will ship from Minnesota, where my poor games are…
Battery replaced in 2006 or 2007 right before I purchased it.

Just add monitor, power supply, Jamma Harness and controls…
this auction is for the working PCB, Cartridge, Disk, and Drive.

Ebay Auction

There is a video here:

Anyone local to MN that might want the full cabinet let me know…

It’s also a good thing to add that the battery needs to be replaced(This is not a hard task.) now. If you wait and it dies you’ve got an offical 3rd strike Brick!

Technically you don’t have to change the battery right away.
When the game is running, it doesn’t use up battery power.

So assuming you had it powered up a lot, you should still have decent battery life.

I’ve always gone by the safe call and changed them every 5 years. Better safe then bricked.

I would agree, that it’s about time to replace the battery, however… I have a working board right now, and it works well. If I sell I replace the battery and do something wrong(I know, I know, it’s easy, but accidents happen) I have a SF3 Brick… If I were going to keep it, I would take the chance, but I think it’s the next owners decision about whether or not to take that chance. It was on a ton until a year ago but had not been run much in the last year.

I also have 5 games to fix and convert in the next 7 days, while completely rearranging my storage space at my fathers and turning over and apartment(painting, etc)… So battery changes are not high on the priority list. I really just wanted this to get out there to someone who will use it.

Sorry last picture to post, this is just the pcb, Orange Cartridge on this set up.


Ok, guys… Non-payer on Ebay, 340 including shipping(to the US). BTW, this includes the instruction sheets and marquee. For international shipments, I will have to weigh it and will only ship with tracking, my estimate is that it would cost about 50, so we’ll say about 375 shipped internationally.

What do you mean “with hard drive”?? What version of 3s has a hard drive? Do you mean CD-ROM, or is this some diskless version?

My bad, severe lack of sleep that week, yes it is with CD-Rom Drive and CD Rom.

Damn, I’m looking for the diskless version, sorry :frowning:

Where is it located in MN? How much are you looking for for the whole thing? or even just the Cabinet (I already have a 3rd Strike setup). I have a friend up there that might be able to pick it up, and I would work out shipping with them.