F300 Mayflash stopped working the day it came

So I bought a F300 Mayflash arcade stick because I’ve been wanting to buy an arcade stick but didn’t want to shell out 100+ for something I wasn’t sure I was going to like. When the stick arrived I first used it on my PC to play Third Strike on FightCade. After a couple minutes, the stick started to disconnect and reconnect for some odd reason. I thought it was the game so I tried SSFII Turbo and it kept doing the same thing. I switched the input from Xinput to Dinput and it still kept giving me that problem. I decided to then test it out on my PS4, however it kept giving me the same problem. After about an hour connecting and reconnecting, the stick doesn’t even want to be detected anymore (Both on PS4 and PC). Could someone please tell me what is wrong with it and how I can fix it??? I’m REALLY hoping I didn’t spend $70 on a paper weight.

Sounds like a USB cable. Does the retailer offer exchanges or refunds?

If you bought it new and you’re having a problem with it day 1, my suggestion is to quickly RMA it back and ask for a replacement. I personally don’t have any experience with the F300 model (wasn’t my cup of tea on how it interacts with the various systems), but it sounds like there might be some issue with the PCB or a connection to it.

So if you bought it from Amazon or Mayflash directly, I’d work with their returns department ASAP.

Op just saw NENDO’s message come through. Like he said, work on a return.

Also how did you pay for it?

Sorry for the late response.

After being frustrated with it, I decided to leave it alone for a day. I tried it again and lo and behold it worked on all systems no problems whatsoever… for about four days.

I was playing some third strike today with a friend and it started having the connection problems again.

I messaged Mayflash and they told me to talk to the product provider (Amazon) for a solution. Unfortunately they don’t have any exchanges so I’ll to settle for a refund.

Fortunately, in the few days I had this stick I realized how much fun it is to play on one and just how easy stuff combos and inputs were. I guess I’ll just save up for a better stick like madcatz or something.

Also, I paid via debit card.