F/S xbox live card, resident evil 5, and other stuff

i have a (2)12+1 month card, for xbox live for 32.00 including shipping.

i also have one wow prepaid card for 60 days for for 22.00 including shipping

i also have one 4000 Microsoft point card for 42.00 including shipping.

i have resident evil 5 for xbox 360 for 52.00 including shipping.

and im selling my Verizon samsung pda cellphone…good if you need a quick replacement…works great…great conditon for 53.00 including shipping.

and i finally have a xbox 360 dvd remote (Microsoft brand) for 10.00 including shipping… THIS ONE ISNT ON EBAY…

here’s the links

12+1 gold subscription

wow prepaid card

4000 microsoft points

resident evil 5

verizon cellphone

Shot you a PM about your Xbox 360 DVD remote.

Whoops. Stuff went too fast for me. I started clicking on links and it was all sold.

yea sorry…as of right now…all i have is one dvd remote, which i will hold until tommorow to see if ikagi-chan still wants it, and the resident evil game, and cellphone

why would you ship the cards? get payment, PM/email code.

yea, i sold them and people are like just open it, and send me the code…i did that…put some people want to buy it for a certain someone for birthdays and shit.


If you don’t at least mail them something, they can get their money back on paypal no contest. That and its against paypals rules to sell items digitally. I would recommend at least taking the used card, putting it in a tracked envelope, and mailing it to the buyer to ensure that they can’t file against you. I lost several codes I listed a while back that way.

wow …thnx for the heads up…i was worried about that…im gona do that