F.A.N.G. Matchup Thread

Thoughts on this matter should fill this thread.

I feel like I’m free against this guy. Every time I think I know where to block, I’m wrong. Any tips for this?

What the HECK is the gameplan supposed to be against him ? it looks like he wants to turtle so should i pressure him as soon as the round starts ? he doesn’t seem to have a lot of answers for booms so i don’t really get it.

This is one of the most retarded matches in the game. Fang owns zoning through poison and normals, and nash has nothing but burst damage, to the point where I feelnlike im playing gief. Grind it out more, but I honestly would’nt be surprised if it ended up 7-3.

are you serious LOL

FANG does not own Nash unless he gets a knockdown or something LOL

Just spam fireballs fullscreen. If you’re really that worried about poison just teleport in for the punish and throw/tick throw him to death on oki. If he dashes around without fireballs in the air, he’s an idiot. Just mash a low and punish. Mid-range just block, this dude literally cannot dash up and throw you LOL.

Except booms have crap startup and crap recovery. Which is kind of Nash’s problem in general: he cant spam anything, especially against competent people. V-trigger isnt free, ace.

It’s not the poison, it’s the utter keepaway at range, and the buttons in close with nash’s stubby/slow pokes. Like with sim, Nash seems to eat shit until the other player makes a mistake, then its up to Nash’s potential burst damage. But so far it seems like it’s Fangs game to lose.

Trust me, nash might not be able to spam booms for free vs people, but he definitely can vs FANG. Even poisoned you have no reason to go in, might as well just land a boom against a FANG that screws up a trap/coward’s crouch to get it off.

Even with the “keepaway” it’s not terribly hard for Nash to move in with a fireball, I don’t believe FANG’s cr.hp can hit a really deep nash crossup too, so at best he might dash away and reset the situation. Just remember to sit on your meter. Super/Teleport Trigger can punish -on reaction- nearly everything FANG can do except for maybe a command dash. He’s very free to even a mediocre tick game, his v reversals/ex dashes all get eaten alive by throws. It’s very much in Nash’s favor.

i had just a handfull of matches against him but i feel the struggle.
i really dont know either how to approach this matchup.

spaming booms while he create a poison clous infront of him which safes him from a hit while he can shoot his
poison balls which of course hit me then doesnt seem like a good tactic.

are there any “pro” match videos for this matchup just to see how they approach this matchup?

Uhh, here’s one match with my approach to the FANG matchup, maybe not the greatest example because the guy wasn’t fantastic on defense but perhaps you can take something from it.


I use Booms to clear out the Poison Cloud, then just exploit the gaps in his zoning to get in.

I don’t really know who suggested that you need to outzone him, FANG will win most battles of attrition due to his poison so it’s not really worth playing a zoning game. I try not to be too wary of the V-Skill, I’ll take the poison and approach since it’s not causing any hitstun or blockstun, jumping it or losing ground because it’s on screen is typically what FANG players want you to do.

It’s important to recognize the range you can punish his Sotoja (double arm poke), similarly to Nash’s MK Scythe, FANG players can space MP or HP Sotoja to be safe (or harder to punish) at max range. Mid-range or closer is a free s.MP or b+MK punish.

As for his command dash, you can space yourself at a range where if he tries to dash through a HP Boom, then you can recover in time to punish the dash, EX Dash travels furthest and is strike invincible, FANG players use that and VReversal as decent corner escape options, but both options are throwable, so pretty much incorporate throws into your offense and they’ll be pretty screwed.

Thanks man, appreciated write-up.

Just want to say fuck FANG, the only reason I lose to him is because no one uses him; so when I fight that random one; it throws me off.

been watching videos of infiltration and the thing i notice is that he is trade happy and use alot of free ss when right spacing

Quite a helpful video for those still struggling