F.A.N.G. Match Up Thread


Highlight me with @SUPARNOVAX for match up notes to include in the corresponding discussion.

FANG seems to be one of the few characters that I can’t outpoke. He just got RANGE. I’m guessing we should play patient, dodge poison and punish unsafe moves?

Not a lot of discussion but I’ll just put out some of my crappy videos to hopefully spark more conversation

I personally think fang is going to be a dangerous character down the road. But I don’t think he’s solely a zoning character. In fact I think he’s a mixup and frame trap heavy character that after u get a sizable lead u can sit back and lame opponents out and force them to make mistakes as they lose life. I’m gonna break this post into my observations and then a second part with my questions


[] First I think the poison arced ball thing is a flash kick move. Meaning u shouldn’t fear it unless he’s crouchin and in which case u should be ready to punish with slide. You should probably just try to block the ex one or evade it from range. I always ended up trading when I tried to punish it
] The double lunge punch is punishable with cr mp. My lame ass never got anything off of it but poorly spaced ones can obviously be punished with cr mp xx inferno and spaced ones can be punished with cr mp xx mk scissors
[]The v skill does not have any hit animation when it touches u. So u should look to blow that up if u can.
] Fangs normals seem safe, except for his sweep which hits twice and u should punish.
[] You can see me getting really impatient and jumping in a lot, but I think this matchup it’s ok to take some risks because of the potential damage output. Any pressure on fang is like a huge detriment to his strategy and forces him to react. I clearly jumped in too much tho lol
] His super crosses up after the first hit when in close range.
[] Also after inferno I see people doing dash into cr lp / cr lk / st Hk. Seems like this is a good way to time the meaty. I think I saw video where @SUPARNOVAX suggested whiff mp into axe which also sounds like a good one!
] FANG has no 3 frame normal. So you can get away with st mp xx cr mp block string


First three games of this video are very laggy. Lot of roll back. Although I do get destroyed in those two games. I’d say skip to 7 mins and beyond for no lag games. Feel free to critique or criticize. My execution is poor and I jumped A LOT in this matchup. My opponent and I are offline friends who played a lot in USF4 and UMVC3 so he knows a lot of my tendencies and I really was trying to take more risks than normal and put him on the defensive. I’m worried about many of the things that may have worked for me but that may not be safe and may be poor habits to pick up. (the sliding without V trigger available, the jumping, some of the block strings? etc)

And here are my questions

  1. I feel as if ex headstomp is pretty nuts in this matchup to punish his tools from afar. (Is ex headstomp plus on block? Whenever I made a poor read I was able to cr lp)
  2. His command dash, can you hit/throw him out of it? How about the ex?
  3. What are some follow ups after back throw? I always do the axe but am looking for something to mix up with.
  4. is there a way to properly space a slide so it can’t be punished? Or is it just an unsafe move?
  5. if I get cr mp as a punish (like off of a blocked sweep) is there a way I can confirm it into v trigger without having to go into mk scissors?
  6. what is the deal with scissors on block? I’m seeing a lot of different frame data and I was never punished by my opponent for putting it out. Also, if I connect with mk/hk scissors I know to go to st lp xx blast or throw, but are the same options available if i connect with LK scissors?
  7. is the move where fang looks like he is high stepping (2 hits) punishable? Not familiar with his moves

F.A.N.G Data

Vitality 950
Stun 950
Forward dash duration 20 frames.
Back dash duration 24 frames.
Total jump frames 43 frames.

Quick notes
F.A.N.G. has no 3 frame normal.
F.A.N.G has no hitting reversal without Critical Art, which is 10 frames and can be safely meatied with C.LP or C.LK.
His EX.Nikankyaku command dash has hit and projectile invincibility on frames 1-24 but not throw invincibility.
His V-Reversal has complete hit and projectile invincibility throughout the move but it has no throw invincibility.
His poison abilities do not stack but they do reset the duration of the poison affect.
F.A.N.G is very tall, so fuzzy guard J.LK can be used as an instant overhead.
S.LP 4f start up, +6 on hit +3 on block
S.MP 7f start up, +2 on hit -3 on block (hurtbox appears around arms and legs one frame before moves goes active)
s.HP 8f startup, +1 on hit -2 on block (Crush Counter move)
S.LK 6f startup, +5 on hit +3 on block
S.MK 6f startup, +4 on hit +2 on block (first frame can not hit airborne opponents)
S.HK 14f startup, +7 on hit +1 on block
C.LP 4f start up, +3 on hit +1 on block
C.MP 7f start up, +1 on hit -2 on block (hurtbox around arms appears one frame before moves goes active)
C.HP 9f start up, KD on hit -6 on block
C.LK 5f start up, +4 on hit +1 on block
C.MK 8f start up, +5 on hit +3 on block
C.HK 9f start up, KD on hit -12 on block (Crush Counter move, (hurtbox appears around legs one frame before moves goes active).
To V-Reversal his S.HK you need to be very fast on the 2nd hit or he will recover in time.
You can evade follow up light normals with EX. Head Press. You can also use S.LK to take a trade and the pressure.

J.MK can be used as an instant overhead, puts opponents in juggle state when it hits in the air.
J.HK, the forwards jump only hits as a cross up.
Unique Attacks**
Nirenko DF+HP 12f start up, 0 on hit -5 on block
Sepukuga D+3P, default length of move is 55 frames but can be extended to 87 in total. F.A.N.G is reaches a sliightly lower than crouch state on frame 7 and a low profile state from frame 8 onwards until 7 frames before raising were he returns to the slighty lower than crouched state. He can always be thrown out of this move.
The Sepukuga follow up kick can be activated from the 12th frame of Sepukuga and has 10 additional frames of start up. The move is +6 on hit and +2 on block. With 14 frames of recovery, you need to be on point with V-Reversal. Any delay at all will allow him to block it.
You also can not back dash away from his S.LP after blocking this or backdash between 2 S.LP you got to block 2 at least before your out of S.LP range. Midscreen after blocking Sepukuga, then S.LP if you hold backwards you will walk out of throw range, F.A.N.G doesn’t have much of a threat from his lows due to C.MK not hitting low, so holding back is good here. You do not have that option in the corner though.

Nirenko (Forward Throw)
After Normal Recovery F.A.N.G is at +7 mid screen the throw puts the opponent almost full screen.
In the corner FANG is just outside throw range, and has to move slightly forward to attempt another throw , its quite for him to mistime this. Most likely he will go for a meaty attack.

Kynoshitsugeki (Back Throw)
After Normal Recovery F.A.N.G is at +13 and just beyond throw range.
His S.HK is common after this move.

Special Moves
LP Nishikyu Charge -7 on hit -11 on block
MP Nishikyu Charge -7 on hit -11 on block
HP Nishikyu Charge -7 on hit -11 on block
EX Nishikyu Charge +3 on hit -1 on block
From roughly mid screen Bison can space himself in such a way that he can V-Skill one of the two projectiles for LP and MP Nishhiku without getting hit by the second projectile. He can not do this for HP.Nishikyu, however in season 2 he can still get the projectile store off one fireball if he’s willing to take the hit off the second projectile. He can not reflect EX. Nishikyu at all regardless of spacing.

LK Ryobenda Charge KD on hit, -9 on block (3 active frames)
MK Ryobenda Charge +1 on hit, -8 on block (80 active frames)
HK Ryobenda Charge -1 on hit, 10 on block (120 active frames)
EX Ryobenda Charge KD on hit, +2 on block (220 active frames)
S.MK will go over the poison cloud and punish F.A.N.G’s recovery. However if your late and F.A.N.G blocks it the recovery of S.MK will hit the cloud.
The non EX versions of this move can be V-Skilled.

LP Sotoja Charge KD on hit (first 2 frames) between -4 +1 on remaing frames,
between -11 and -3 on block.
MP Sotoja Charge KD on hit (first 2 frames) between -1 +4 on remaing frames,
between -9 and -1 on block.
HP Sotoja Charge KD on hit (first 2 frames) between -2 +3 on remaing frames,
between -10 and -2 on block.
EX Sotoja Charge KD on hit , between -3 and+4 on block.

Out of the corner make sure to use back recovery to prevent F.A.N.G getting any sort of decent oki.

LK Nikankyaku 29 frames total, can be cancelled into Senpukuga on frames 27-28.
Frames 6-28 projecitle invincible.
MK Nikankyaku 29 frames total, can be cancelled into Senpukuga on frames 27-28.
Frames 6-28 projecitle invincible.
HK Nikankyaku 31 frames total, can be cancelled into Senpukuga on frames 27-28.
Frames 6-28 projecitle invincible.
EX Nikankyaku 33 frames total, can be cancelled into Senpukuga on frames 31-32.
Frames 1-24 strike invincible.
Frames 1-30 projectile invincible.
Critical Art**
Shishiruirui, 10f startup, varies on block.
To punish this optimally, block the first hit from point blank range and let the first poison bomb whiff, note if your around max light normal range the descending bombs will hit you. To land a jump in combo wait till F.A.N.G starts descending after the third bomb and jump at him, at earlier and you risk resetting him in the air, any later and may recover and block the jump in.
Nishodoku, 22 frames of start upm, 19 frames of recovery.
Projectile not negated by other projectiles, projectile casues no hit or block stun, cannot hit airborne opponents.
The range Bison can dash through this projectile with out getting hit is when the projectile is about 1/5th of the screen away or about max S.MK range.

Nikaiho, 30 frames total, complete strike and projectile invincibility throughout move.
You can throw him out of this if he activates this move after blocking a light normal or from a jump in that is blocked at about chest height. The activation frame tends to eat normal tick throw inputs so your best mashing throw on reaction to the acitvation freeze. You can also throw punish him if he attempts to V-Reversal one of Bison’s pokes like C.MP, C.MK S.MP, S.MK or S.HP from there max range.

F.A.N.G no longer needs charge to cancel into special moves.
F.A.N.G urrounded by a poison cloud for 15 seconds.
Realistically the max damage F.A.N.G can achive is around 140 damage from 3 successfull re-applications of poison. The only way of getting rid of the poison is by hitting F.A.N.G with a projectile attack where you stay outside of poison cloud range.
If cancelled into the move gives F.A.N.G frame advantage off every normal he has. However with 50 frames of activation you can V-Reversal it to stop his pressure.

F.A.N.G Mix ups

Be on the look out for J.MK instant overhead if one hit away from death or stun.

If F.A.N.G combo’s into EX. Ryobenda Charge, one hit of the gas cloud stays on the screen and F.A.N.G can use EX Ninkankyaku to swide swap with you if you use normal recovery or dash EX Ninkankyaku if you use back recovery, either way you actually have frame advantage. If you want to block you want away from him, not the poison cloud.

He can also do forward dash and a normal Ryobenda Charge to swap sides. With the exception of S.LP you use a light normal as a reversal you will end up hitting the gas cloud.

If F.A.N.G combos into HK.Ryobenda Charge from the first hit of C.HP, he gets a left right mix up off Minkankyaku and can stuff 3 frame normals with C.MK.

If F.A.N.G cancels into MP, Ryodenda Charge from the second hit of C.HP he will reset you into the cloud, which on block gives him a frame trap that will beat 3 frame normals.