Extremely frustrating problem with my connection

Hey guys, I need some serious help here. My issue is completely beyond me and I’ll try to consolidate everything to the best of my ability.

I have comcast internet.My router is upstairs and my room and ps3 are downstairs. I got a new netgear n300 wireless router WNR2000 v3 and was extremely excited to start practicing some marvel online when I couldn’t make it to play sessions. Unfortunately I’m unable to because I have horrendous lag whenever I play no matter what. I tried sfxt and its the same for that game as well. I played with a friend who lives close online and he said he had zero lag fighting me and also the games always show that i have full bars. So thats pretty weird to me. I tried doing all types of fixes that i found online and nothing seemed to work.

Then playstation all stars came out. I tried it online and…it worked perfectly fine! No lag from me ever. Again for the capcom games i tried port forwarding and all that stuff and it would not stop lagging. So I moved my ps3 upstairs and plugged directly into my comcast modem excited to finally get some good online sessions in. Did the connection test and I got 20 MBps down and 3.7 Mbps up. I think everythings going to work fine. In my mind bypassing the router would finally let me play online.

BUT NOOOOPE. Im getting that same horrible lag. I’m at a lost and I was hoping somebody here went through something similar or could pin point what I need to do. I was thinking maybe I need to change something manually in the PS3 network settings maybe? I have no idea and I hope someone here can help me. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and give me their input.