Exploiting the Bottom: Good Night Sugah! (the Rogue thread)

General Info

Rogue is one of the best low tier characters in the game to put at point. She excels at dodging a bunch of crap and beating the hell out of characters that try to run from her. She is an offensive low tier character that RTSD’s MF’ers then shits on Chars heads. She is a good addition to any low tier team.


+gets close to characters quick with Air dash and wavedashing
+Great cross-ups and mix-up game
+Gives good damage on any mid-size character


-slow moves her fastest moves are 4 frames
-need good assist
-Gets slaughtered by big chars

Imma get straight into the notable normals

Notable normals

st. mp- good to cancel a mid-screen GNS
st. hp- I love this move. ESPECIALLY in the corner. You can connect a GNS in the corner. I also found that it has good priority when it comes out first.
st. hk- launcher. Her best one. It hits chars high and Rouge does this backflip which can save you from an assist in your face.
cr. mp- dashing elbow. So much you can do with this move. Sweep, sj. d+hk, power drain, etc. This move gives chip. In speed mode, you can link a cr. lp. Really cool stuff.
Cr. hk- I like this move only because of the dashing elbow. Still playing with it. Will edit when info is gained.
J. hp- Her best normal IMO. Good cross up, and a weird glitch with it too. If you do it on a jumpig char on a low level, the character bounces. You can do a mid-air power drain or an air throw. Fun move.


Dash punch- only good in combos. Its unsafe on block; however, HP dash punch does solid chip. Use when you know you are about to kill that opponent.

Rising Punches- Yet again, only use in combos. Or don’t use it at all. I use it to style on people. So yeah. Use it for fun.

Dive punch- A nice move. In some cases, i did this move and I was safe on block (Cable will fuck you up though)

Power Drain- Her best special. You can grab characters right out of a block string. You also gain a power-up. Pretty damn good.


Good Night Sugah (GNS)- her only hyper. It’s really good in combos. You can combo it from so many moves, like dash punches and mp and st. hp. Good hyper.


Assist type a- Anti-Air -Rising punches: I only like this when I have Cable on my team. Can set up an AHVB string and can give some damage

Assist type b- Dash- Dash punches: Hate it. Nothing beneficial at all. If you can convince me though, please.

Assist type y- Throw- Power Drain: It’s pretty good at setting up something nasty. Like you can cr. lk, cr. lk+ assist, into Hyper combo of choice.

Verdict: y is the best. It is beneficial for almost all of the characters in the game.

Basic Rouge

The first thing IMO that you should get down is her blockstring. When you get your opponent into a block string with Rouge, you can do a powerdrain, which really throw somebody off when they are getting pressured so heavy by her. This is one part of her great mix-up game. They can’t do shit but get kissed by her.

Second, learn how to cross-up with her. Air dash is the best cross-up for her. You can start pressuring on the ground, then when he least expects it, sj. Airdash into high attack of choice. When you want to hit the other side, d+HK is for you. The dive kick is so important for her. It is absolutely deadly when least expected.

Final thing, learn how to use her assists. The assist that backs Rouge up is vitally important. It can change the pace of the game and it can help with her rushdown. The advanced section will show how this is possible.

Advance Strats

Rouge needs an assist. Im sorry but why would you play marvel, or with her without a good assist? lol

Good assist with Rouge:
Tron y- This duo is bananas. Cross-up city. If you ever played Makoto in SFIII: 3S, it was like, guess right twice and you win. Same here. If you do a cross-up at the right time, then you basically killed a character. Seriously, they are rapist.

Storm a- Really good. Her projectile assist is so good, that Rouge can get in whenever the fuck she wants. There are some interesting stuff you can do with her.
launch+assist, sj.lp, sj.lp, sj.hk. After knock down the assist will hit. Then after that, you can fuck them up!. Cross-up into a reset with dive kick, or do a fake cross-up. Rouge can go nuts after this.

Cyclops b- what character wouldn’t want Cyclops? lol. His AAA is really good with rouge because of her mixup game. She can cross you up under or above, leading into a freaking reset. I am currently toying with this, so I will edit when possible.

Capcom b- Surprised? Hell no lol. Rouge can give alot of damage when Capcom is an assist. Just alot of Air combos. But really good damage. it reminds me of Strider/Capcom

Doom b- So good in my opinion. Rouge’s dashing elbow gives chip, correct? When in speed mode, you have yourself one of the deadliest traps ever made…ever (cr. lp, cr. lk, cr. mp+doom, repeat until you are about to run out, then power drain to get another speed mode . To add insult to injury in the middle of that terrible trap you can do a sj, air dash, then dive to score a hit and do some terrible, terrible things while in speed mode. Even when not in speed mode, you can still give pressure and do good chip damage. This team is so underrated.

Other good assist: Sentinel y, Blackheart b, BBHood a, Ironman b

Good teams with Rouge:







Fun teams:




Match-ups for the top 8

Cable- The focus of this match-up is to get a knockdown. Cable loves to run, but when he is knocked down, match over. Rouge/Tron fucks this guy up when knocked down. When you knock him down, hit him with all the cross-ups you have in your disposal.

The downside is getting in. Cable in scrub is a bitch because of that damn anti-air. Play footsies when you block capcom’s corridor, launch him or use tron on him. Using tron is unsafe because of AHVB, so be careful. Now getting in is hard as hell in scrub. Air dash safely and high off the ground. Follow up with dive kicks. Now if cable is in Row or other teams, easy as fuck. Nothing cable can do.

6-4 Cable because of runaway.

Magneto- same as above. Magneto is gonna have the same strategy as you, get a knock down. Since Rouge’s moves suck with ground speed, you are to take the battle to the air. Whoever scores a knockdown will probably win. J. Hp is so good in this match-up, so use alot.

Downside is that Magnus can fight by himself. Rouge can’t unless you are really good. So one on one is gonna be a bitch. Play smart and don’t fuck up.

6-4 Magneto

Storm- Ugh. Hate this bitch. So tough to beat. Airdash J. Hp is yet again, your friend. Rouge is a slow hitting char. her fastest ground normal is 4 frames. So unfortunately, You are gonna have to take the battle to the air, which storm can also do.

Good news though, play footsies. It is so great. One st. lk can go into a power drain. When you got her down then have fun. Just be careful of assist. they can ruin your day. DON"T EVER GET HIT BY A TYPHOON xxx HAIL. Thats at least 2/3 of your life gone in a matter of seconds.

7-3 Storm

Sentinel- Need to experiment more, but from what I got so far, keep Sentinel on the ground. Don’t get pressured. It’s hard to get out.

Cyclops- Get a knockdown. You win. lol That’s it. Nothing else to say.

To get this runaway guy you need patience. Cyclops RH’s are broke, but a timed dive kick is even better.

6-4 Rouge

Ironman- The only thing to worry about is his launcher. Its really good. Fast and can lead to an infinite. What I do is I just do air comboes against this guy or I get him to the corner and begin the rape. Ironman is good enough though that he can still fuck you up with zoning smart bombs and crossups. The smartest player wins.


Spiral- I hate this match-up. It is so hard to get to this chick if you are up against team Duc. The cure for this shit is Doom. That’s right, Doom, my favorite character in MVC2. Doom’s rocks eat up her knives, and all you really need to worry about is Sentinel’s drones.

Now without Doom, you have a problem. BUT, there is a way. Spirals like to super jump after they run out of knives and call Sentinel. This is your chance to move in. Air dash like a MF’er. Don’t block the Drones. Avoid them. When she comes back down, hit her with a Jp. hp and get a knockdown. Watch out for a wake-up teleport. It is 0 frames, which means it is instant. A cure for this is a J. hp + Tron. Death to Spiral. She has little health.

7-3 Spiral

Strider- You have to hit this guy first. Don’t let him touch you. A good Strider will fuck a good Rouge up with his Strider/Doom trap.

Rouge loses this match-up, solely because they are so many ways he can hit you with a strider/doom trap. But if you hit strider first, Rowtron can kill him in 1 solid hit.

6-4 Strider

Blackheart- Easy if you are smart. The only thing to look out for is an inferno. Those can pick you right out of the air. Blackheart loses in the air to Rouge. So you have to stay in the air. But what about the demons? Here’s the answer.

Don’t air dash.

Thats right. Never airdash when chasing BH unless you are Magnus or Storm. You will eat a infinite. When you knock him down. You can Airdash anytime you want to cross him up. But yeah, never chase him with an airdash

THE ONLY EXCEPTION: when he already used his airdash and demons. Then you can do it because it is pretty safe


Doom- Don’t chase doom. you will waste your time. Let him slowly drop to you. Be weary of APA’s though. Rouge doesn’t have alot of health, so she can get killed easily.

Doom can make you feel really stupid with his runaway game. That’s why I say never chase his ass. Midscreen is you best friend in this match-up.

6-4 Doom with an assumption that the Doom you are playing is smart.

Lower tier giants- Giants are nasty against rouge. The easiest ones are Tron, Thanos (sorry madtitan), and Zangief. I will hilight all of the giants except Sentinel.

Juggernaut- Please airdash high. And hope to god he is stupid. You cant let him move…ever. 7-3 Jugg

Colossus- Tackles are a bitch. Turtle his ass out. Punish his ass when you block a tackle. Colossus is a character that can spam tackles, cancel into a hyper armor, and then laugh when Rouge tries attack him. At this point run and build meter. 7-3 Colossus

Hulk- Jabs are really good in this match-up. You have to break his armor or else you can eat a Gamma Charge. And please don’t jump at him unless you want 50% of your health gone. 7-3 Hulk

Tron- She can be a pest to a scrub Rouge. All rouge needs to do is press the tron button while dive kicking. 6-4 Rouge

Zangief- Go to dinner lol. He is too slow to be a nuisance. Metal Zangief is a different story. Power drain can take his power and you can take advantage of him. Lariat beats power drain, so be careful. 7-3 Rouge.

Thanos- Just like Rouge’s j. hp, Thanos’ J. hp is good. And his J. hp can zone out. But rouge has the Dive kick. Thanos loses on the ground so when he is on the ground, Dive kick, Tron, dead. In the air though, all you can do is wait. 5-5

Rouge is a good character, for a low tier. She can match wits with any character, but requires a nasty mind and alot tricks in your sleeve. You have to work a hell of alot harder than most characters because she has no projectiles of her own. RTSD man.

She is ranked mid tier with Cammy and Colossus. With this overview, I believe that she should stay where she is at. No zoning game, but a strong rushdown. And she can hold her own against some top tier, except spiral. Just like the low tier “trash” she is.


I hope you learned something form this thread. This is my first thread filled with some informational stuff, so if you have a comment and constructive criticism please give it to me so I can make my future threads alot better.

The next character I plan to do is felicia! Check it out!!!

Damn, for a noob you sure do have a lot to say…

I agree with almost every aspect of this thread, but you missed 2 teams…BBHood/Rogue/Juggs & Rogue/Colossus/Juggs. You may want to compact all of this and make it more appealing for the viewers to read all of it. Its good advice, but its a lot of stuff to read and most of these dweebs have an attention span of a walnut. I disagree about Rogue not doing well against larger characters. If youre talking about Sentinel, then yeah she cant get to him really. But against Doom,BH,Colossus and even Thanos she is favored because she has better mobility than those.

And to say you hate Spiral? I can see why, but consider that not all people play that way with Spiral. Spiral is one of the original Marvels, you gotta love some Spiral…

I’m totally newbie noy only with Rogue, but in the MvC2 as well - I’m glad for a brand new piece of info about the character. Thank you.

So, I have some doubts and questions. I’m sure you guys can help me out:

1] Tron is god-like with her Projectile Assist with any character ever - what are some good Rogue+Tron combos & setups and vice-versa? You know, sometimes you have to switch out Rogue and put Tron exercise a bit - how Tron can benefit from Rogue?

2] What are good third members for a Rogue/Tron team? I been mostly using Sentinel (Ground Assist) and Doom (Anti-air Assist) - which one is overall better for both of them? Any combos involving Rogue/Sentinel or Rogue/Doom and vice-versa?

3] So, her gamma Assist (Throw) is her most useful? I’ve been using her Anti-air most of the time - well, time to switch up I guess. Outside AHVB, there’s anything comboable of it?

I hope the thread doesn’t die soon lol - if you’re not a God, chances are that your respective character forum is abandoned for years.

Brennan go on youtube and look for this guy drumliner joe. He uses Rogue and Tron and is a perfect example of how to play those two together. Also VDO uses Rogue Ken Colossus with some awesome results as well check them out.

Good stuff Cee only critiques is I would link to some videos showing some examples of Rouge rushing down/speed up trap and a few other things you spoke of it really helps to see something if you have never seen it before. I also love when people break down the normals of a character like in the Hayato thread and show their most damaging solo combo BNB. Besides that great job Cee! I think every character should have a basic one stop shopping thread that can flesh out a characters basics/advanced play completely.

This thread is a good one for consolidating all of Rogue’s useful info in an easier way. I’m all for it.

Thank you, mkeller73 - I’ll check some videos and give some input on them later. For now, any assist-combos with Rogue would be appreciated if listed - just for the sake of an organized thread. If anyone has anything to share, please do it - would be greatly appreciated.

Also check out Golba Loves. He uses Rogue with Commando and it’s absolutely devastating. Both of them post here from time to time and have helped me out plenty. Also look through the last few pages of the Top Rogue Teams Thread. Drumlinerjoe has posted quite of few Rogue combos and Golba put some up some video of himself before that as well.


  1. Combos, not really. My favorite combo however is: Cr. lp, Cr. lp, Cr. hk + Tron, launch, magic series xxx power drain. I believe it is 50% damage and it is a good way to get a power up.

Like I said, Rouge’s mixup is ridiculous you can Air Dash to cross up and you can do a mixture of dive kicks and Cr. lk to get somebody in that god like assist (seriously, it makes Servebot decent).

For Tron/Rouge, you can do st. lp, st. lp + Assist, into lunch rush. This takes timing but it is awesome nonetheless.

  1. I hate sentinel. So naturally Imma say doom. Sentinel/Tron I believe it will be similar to Sent/Magneto, but ask the experts at the Sentinel forums.

Doom/Tron is a motherfucker man. [media=youtube]LGrvOCMU6ys[/media]

Some ridiculous stuff. So yeah I like doom in Rowtron.

  1. Rouges AAA is better than I thought. Magneto with Rouge AAA is pretty good actually. Cr. lk + assist, Cr. lk, assist hits, Cr. lk, Cr. hk into anything you want. Infinite, 50% air combo, AN-Y-THING.

Rouge’s AAA can also be good into a Rouge hailstorm, Sent HSF, IM infinite with precise timing, BH infinite, and alot of aircombos. I hope I answered you question. Imma post up Assist combos and solo combos for you tomorrow.


Thanks for the support man. My attempt was to put a little order in the threads and also get a little info on underrated/overlooked chars. Glad you looking out.

BTW, I played some good Spirals today, and I shall edit it tomorrow. And Im adding in Blackheart and Doom to the list of hated characters lol.

Thank you for the inputs, Cee Dizzy - helped me a great deal.

I’m toying right now with Rogue/Tron/Doom, with mostly positive results. Chipping people with a Speed Up + Doom caught a few people off guard - Doom+Tron also works wonder together, so it’s an overall good team - the charactersr cover each other well enough.

Any more setups with Rogue+Doom? That’s the only piece of information I’m missing - since the Tron/Doom boards are fairly active and I can find stuff from both easily - but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything on Rogue+Doom.

Thanks in advance - I’m also looking forward for the next characters. My friend is a Felicia mainer, so your topic will definitely help him.

Keep up with the good work. Cheers. =)

Exploiting rogues dive kick potential into tron… then connecting magic series xx rushy punches xx df+pp… is gonna do prolly 60 to < 80 percent… so this is the teams bnb… make it more effective by calling doom and running short bursts of lockdown…when dive kick is blocked…

Rogue dooms best stuff aren’t combos… more like dive kick(blocked)… call doom… short blocked. m. Series… quick sj and air dash fwd xx dive kick to get on their other side. Short m. Series til you can recall doom. Builds a lot of meter… and gives a safe way to chip at the opp when they blocking to well to land divekick to tron.

Edited the first post


It’s funny how that is all you need to do to be good with Rowtron lol. I think your mind has to be nastier to be really good with Rouge, but yeah.