Explain to me how this character is any better than El Fuerte

They both rely on run stop pressure and gimmicks. Both rely on their safe slide and making you guess. Both characters are extremely random and people pick them hoping the other player won’t know the matchup. I don’t understand why Guy is respected and El Fuerte is frowned upon when they do the same shit?

I don’t think El is frowned upon because he is less effective than Guy.

I think it’s completely the opposite. Relying on Guy’s 50/50s all match will put you in a definitely loss at top-tier play because you’re opponent doesn’t ever have to actually guess. Anything that can’t be reacted to can be option-select blocked.

El Fuerte can throw 50/50’s and mix ups at you all day and force you to put him in a corner and slow down.

That being said, El can get stumped by a mix of meter-less DP’s and pokes in the neutral where as Guy’s neutral game is so much more traditional that it’s possible for him to pierce enemy space without resorting to the gimmicks to do so.

i meant better as in “less bullshit” but you explained that too

so basically his gameplan doesn’t 100% rely on gimmicks like elf’s does and his more gimmicky stuff stops working at high level. thanks.

They dont have the same toolset at all…

Guys needs a gameplan. Elf doesnt.

Only way you will fully understand is to play the characters.

The only people Guy can beat doing random shit is really low tier scrubs , and even then you’d need to be lucky.

ELF on the other hand can actually beat genuinely good players by just being derpy , which is why he is hated along with characters like Viper,Seth…etc.

Safe slide? what? Its probably -1 at best from max range. Its mainly used for Whiff punishing not “Making you guess”.

What gimmicks? The only actual comboable overhead is Run->OH which is slow as fuck and can be easily reaction blocked or DPd.

If you are losing to a Guy doing bushin flip gimmicks. Just pick a character with a low profile move and mash the fuck out of it. Youd be surprised to see it actually works Lmao.

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