Experiment on how often characters are picked online

Hi everyone,

I have a little experiment I want to run - I want to know exactly what % of teams out there have Phoenix, Wolvie, Wesker, etc. And figure out which characters are underused and overused. I think some “overused” characters will not turn out to be as overused as some people would like to think.

What criteria will I be using to evaluate results?
Characters picked 6.99% of the time or less - underused
Characters picked 7.00% to 9.00% of the time or less - average
Characters picked 9.01% of the time or more - overused

How did I come up with this criteria? 3 out of 38 equals 8%. Plus / minus 10% gives you a range of 7 to 9%.

So here’s where I need everyone’s help - can you all please help me in compiling my data? Alone I can’t possibly accumulate enough games to create a good sample. I bought this game on launch and I have less than 1,000 games in ranked. But if we all contribute (i.e. recording all your matches for the next day or two, while setting all search parameters to “ALL”), I think it won’t be as bad.

If you’re interested, please go ahead and start playing Ranked, but please remember to set your search parameters set to “ALL” and to record your data. When you’re done, please post your results on this thread, you can copy and paste this format:

Akuma -
Amaterasu -
Arthur -
C. Viper -
Captain America -
Chris -
Chun Li -
Dante -
Deadpool -
Doctor Doom -
Dormammu -
Felicia -
Haggar -
Hsien Ko -
Hulk -
Iron Man -
Jill -
Magneto -
Morrigan -
Phoenix -
Ryu -
Sentinel -
She-Hulk -
Shuma Gorath -
Spencer -
Spider-Man -
Storm -
Super Skrull -
Taskmaster -
Thor -
Trish -
Tron Bonne -
Viewtiful Joe -
Wesker -
Wolverine -
X-23 -
Zero -

If you post your Day 1 results and you’re posting Day 2 results, please remember to indicate if you’re posting Day 1 AND Day 2, or if your post only reflects Day 2. I’m in charge of compiling data and I’ll publish updates every now and then.

Thanks everyone!

Will do tommorow. But honestly, Might as well go head and say Ryu, Akuma, dante are overused. I fight Ryu/xxxx/akuma all the time.

Ryu, Akuma, Hulk, Wesker, Taskmaster, Wolverine, Dante will be the most common choices.

Nissan beat me too it
Wolverine/~~~/Akuma as known as team scrub MvC3 edition will be the most used
Dante Wolverine and Hulk too

I see way more Ryu/Akuma online than wolverine/akuma. Wolverine and Akuma appear more in offline tournaments and majors where people play to actually win.

Deadpool, Ryu, Akuma, Dante, Hulk, Morrigan. I see that shit so much.

I have over 2k matchs played and my list.

Overused: Akuma, Ammy, dante, wesker, zero, Magneto, phoenix, sentinal, taskmaster, wolverine
Normal: Haggar, Ryu, spencer, tron, dorm, doom, Hulk, storm, x-23
Underused: Arthur, C. viper, Chris, Chun li, felicia, Lei-lei, Morrigan, trish, Joe, cpt. America, deadpool*, Iron man, Modok, she-hulk, spiderman, shuma, Skrull, thor

Its a shame you didn’t give me a never used tier. Btw I am top 250 online and so i play more higher ranked chars, for instance hulk is way more popular among like 6th lords and such. I also tried to think of how many players use those chars not how many times i faced them, for instance I have played El pandero or whatever like 40 times but i still only count him as 1 she-hulk.

@snadmonkey - Do you have the actual numbers for those? That would help out a lot.


Without a doubt Wolverine is the most used character I face. TBH I think Zero is up there too. Honestly as of late I havn’t faced many Phoenix teams and the ones I do face the Phoenix is TOTAL ASS. Because I’ve gotten pretty decent if I do say so myself at snap ins and you can tell right off the bat once Phoenix gets snapped in that they don’t know what the fuck to do because they didn’t expect a snapback. It was funny yesterday as well, this one Phoenix team I faced, I snapped her in and took her out with a little setup grab I have. As soon as Jean was dead the connection mysteriously got disconnected.

Ryu, Ryu’s everywhere…

Im serious, Every team I face It’s a Ryu + 2 more (50% akuma). They mash L everytime in the air and then on the ground…

The characters I face more:

Hell yeah dude. I don’t see many Zero’s but everything else is on the money. I see a lot of Morrigan and Deadpool too.

That Ryu crap gets hard to block sometimes online (+ I have bad defense). I know Ryu doesn’t have much combo potential but I get so sick of LMHS MMH Tatsu --> Shinku Hadoken. Happens once every 3 games probably.

800+ games so many akuma running around. Him and ryu are about on par with each other, I’ve seen so many even on the same team.

Lots of Dante, Wesker, even Dorm is starting to get up there to counter Phx. Every other match will have a Sentinel or Phx around 4th Lord.

I play against a ton of Ryu/Akuma/Dantes along with Weskers, Deadpools, and Wolverines.

Character I see almost every other match:
Wesker, Zero, Dante, Amaterasu, Wolverine, Sentinel, Hulk

Characters I see occasionally:
Dr. Doom, Dormammu, Tron, Akuma, Taskmaster, Ryu, Captain America, Iron Man, Trish, Spider Man, Storm, Spencer, Deadpool, Magneto, Haggar, Phoenix

Characters I hardly ever see:
Super Skrull, Chun Li, Thor, Trish, Morrigan

Characters I see almost never (Not even as assist):
Chris, Jill, Shuma Gorath, Modok, C. Viper, Viewtiful Joe, Felicia, Arthur, She Hulk, Hsien Ko

Granted, this is all based upon short term memory. Starting today, I’ll start writing down the teams I come across to help out. And if it adds to the pool of 100% sure, I often play Chris, Hsien Ko, Deadpool, Iron Man, and Taskmaster. I’ve been meaning to scope out Felicia but that rolling ball timing has me baffled.

Wolverine isn’t surprising but Iron Man I usually encounter. I happened to play a lot more around the time Thor was out at the movies
which resulted in him making a lot of appearances too.

I’ve seen a lot of Ryus and Akumas on the same team. Scrubs usually get in on that Cr l and Tatsu cross ups online. Lately, after CEO, I’ve seen Wolverine and Akuma usage increase. So far for the under use characters, I have only played one Viewtiful Joe since the game’s release and no Felicias.

I’ve spotted some Felicias. They’re rare, but not unused.

I played like 7 different Hulk, Sentinels, and Phoenixes today.