Execution with a stick

I recently bought a TE Round 2 stick as it was pretty cheap, and I’ve been playing with it for perhaps a couple weeks, only 5 days ago did I start really ‘practicing’ properly, eg repetitions of moves, like qcf jab.

However, I’ve found that I am incredibly uncomfortable playing from the P1 side, from P2 I don’t even notice that the stick is there, but when I’m on the left, I find it really difficult doing… anything… I don’t know if I’m holding the stick in a bad way, I’ll try and post a picture, but it pretty much means that when on P1 side, I have to move… weirdly.

Thanks for the help!

A lot of people experience awkwardness with one side or another when they first start using a stick. Check out the sticky on execution for tips on practicing it up:

There is some info on how to hold a stick in the arcade stick faq:

The jist of it is, don’t over think it. Use whatever is comfortable. Then go practice.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’ve read those two threads a fair few times; I’m about to take a pic, because although you say:

, I’m comfortable (if you mean comfort, not confidence) in the way I hold the stick, but when it comes to executing, the motions from one side feel alien, thanks for the advice.

The pic: http://imgur.com/DqAOd.jpg

I just switched from PS3 pad to SE stick and I committed to 5, 10, 20 unbroken reps of FB, DP and so on in each direction. These drills in training mode that everyone recommends have produced rapid results for me. The motions are completely different in each direction, so it’s just going to suck until it doesn’t suck anymore.

You may find this 2-video series by lordofultima useful.

That’s kind of the thing; it will feel alien for a while. It’s like anything else that requires developed muscle memory to be comfortable with. There isn’t a fast-track method. It just takes practice.

What you’re experiencing is completely normal. Keep at it.

Practice. Alot. It’s the only way.

There’s no specific way to hold it, do whatever the fuck is comfortable.

How do you guys press buttons on the stick? Do you slightly tap it or push it down all the way? Which way is better for execution on a stick? Thanks.

Honestly it depends upon what type of buttons that you are using. If you’re using Sawna buttons I would say a light tap of the buttons, but if your using a Seimitsu button stick then I would go with a little bit more force.

That is just how I do it, I have a Madcatz TE stick(street fighter 4)

The difference between them can be found in this thread in-case you’re wondering.


I’m also brand new to playing with a stick (just got it yesterday), but I might be able to offer a piece of advice. Try loosening your grip a little bit, and be more relaxed with it. I don’t know if you’ve ever played DJ Hero, but I find it’s similar to controlling the crossfader - some people maintain a kung-fu grip on it, and the physical stress of it becomes mental and they miss their crossfader cues. When I play, I’m not even touching the crossfader until a crossfader cue comes up, then I just swipe it as a part of the rhythm.

I’ve been having a similar experience with my TE stick. I’ve found that if I keep my hand wrapped around the vicinity of the stick instead of the stick itself, I’m not commiting my hand to one position and I can to quarter circles from both sides consistently in training mode. I’m still not hitting them much of the time in the heat of battle, but maybe, like in DJ Hero, I just have to develop a sense of rhythm.

I hope that helped, and good luck (we’ll both need it.).