Execution problem regarding srk motions/shortcuts!

Hey everyone! got abit of a problem that i hope someone can chime in on.

To make a long story much more TL:DR’ish, 2 months ago i had to stop playing SSFIV caused by some major home remodeling that had to be done! anywho… comming back to the game after quite the break, im having ALOT of trouble executing anything that has a dragonpunch/srk motion.

I’ve played about a week now since i started again and everything that has a SRK motion just comes out sluggish for me! its become such a issue that ive tryed both shortcuts on a squaregate with mixed results while never having used them before, something works other things just gets even more messed up by me using both shortcuts depending on whats going on.

Anyway, wanted to know if there is anyway of wireing your brain to re-figure out how to execute those SRK’s and what about the shortcuts? should i try to learn to use them or forget about them all together?

Oh forgot this: im not talking about SRK’s just on the ground as anti airs or the sorts… its when eighter when i get pressured into doing a wakeup reversal and for some odd reason start mashing it! or during a combo like Sagats: j.HK c.LK c.LK HP.srk xx Step Kick Ultra1… i utterly mash the SRK part to death and beyond out of frustration as this wasnt hard before… but this is the only thing i just cant get right execution wise and i dont understand why.

There are no shortcuts, just loose input windows. Go into training mode, turn on your input display, and practice doing SRKs. Now you can see exactly where you’re going wrong.

training mode

Make sure you are linking and not chaining. If you chain the c.LK, you can’t cancel no matter how hard you mash.

Good post.
Go and play ANY other Street Fighter game,and tap df,df,p. And you wont get a dp.
It happens in sf4,and ssf4. Whether your actual input WAS df,df,p is irrelevant - The training mode inputs always read two down forward taps as d,f,d.
The loose input window point you made seems to hold lots of weight.
When Third strike is finally available for download,a lot of folk who have mashed their way through sf4, will be in for a rude awakening.

Yeah, and I hate it when those damn kids won’t get off my lawn. But yeah, if you’re going to do the “back in my day old street fighter man” rant, picking 3S makes very little sense. It has plenty of short cuts that purists can bitch about.

Seriously though, shortcuts in SF4 have many valid uses. There is nothing wrong with using them at appropriate times. I recommend using the dp shortcut for combos involving crouching links, actually.

OP, read the stickies. =p

Sorry to have caused a stir but i had one of my friends look at my TE stick and he figured out that the one of the hat/switches (no idea what’s the propper name for it) on the stick was not working propperly, it would activate and then disengage even when you moved the stick in its direction and held it there…

Anywho he had a spare TE stick i could borrow and everything is great and dandy again!

Again sorry, im an idiot!