Execution problem from side to side

hello everyone !

so am having a bit of trouble for solving this without going the " hard way " ( practice till death lol ) when i started playing SF4 seriously i though that completing challenges for characters will be a good start, am originally a Kof/Fatal fury player since years and had a lot of trouble switching to SF input system since the buffer is very short and precise

the mistake i did while completing challenge is ive done them all from the right side on the corner , for all the shoto character ( i play shotos only ) and now am noticing how bad my left side execution is , it take me 2x much mor efforts to do the same combo from the other side , stuff like ex hado>fadc>ultra 2 with ken/e.ryu is easy when am on the right side , on the left side its almost impossible , same for stuff like Yun s.mk>genei jin , even that easy thing is very hard on the left side

so did anyone had the same problem ? if so how did you solved it ? do you think high level players have the same problem ? ( ofc not as bad as my situation … )

Everyone has this problem. Everyone has a ‘preferred’ side where they’re better able to execute motions on one side versus another. Ain’t no cure for it other than hard work and practice until it becomes second nature to you.

Another option is to try adjusting your grip or changing it altogether.

Do you honestly expect there to be an answer that isn’t practice? This is like someone asking “how do I get my left arm to the strength of my right arm, without the obvious answer of lifting weights til I’m there?”

Redo the trials from the left, practice in training mode, or just keep playing until you start to get it.

Or, if practicing isn’t your thing, stop playing. That way your right hand execution will become just as bad as your left. Equal executional ability with none of the work. Problem solved!

ok ok i expected the " practice ! " answers , was just curious to know if i was the only one having the same problem ^^"

Everyone has this problem starting out. Just gotta practice it, do a 100 hadokens facing one direction then a hundred facing the other. Practice your DP FADC Ultra 1 as Ryu both sides equally.

thanks for the tips Eternal

is true, practice is the only way, in my case for left moves I must do a more short movement but at same speed than for right moves

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