Excitebike Wii

Found my Wii under 3 inches of dust today… Found out yesterday they re-hashed Excitebike (One of my favorite NES games). Glad I did, lot of fun, especially for 10$

If anyone is up for it tomorrow night, let’s get some multi-player going…

I played some (anyone mode) last night, looks like getting 500 points in friend mode is going to be a bitch

hell yeah! this game is fun as hell. I have to figure out what my friend code is.

Dude, it’s going to be insane trying to unlock everything in this game… maybe i’m just getting old.

I’ve been playing nothing but fighting games lately… yeah, thats the excuse i’ll go with…

getting all the S ranks is not hard, I finished it in two or so sittings. Getting my first 100 points in anyone matches wasnt bad either. its just friend matches that will be tedious, especially if you cant get 4 people

I hear ya on that. Add me if you want i’ll be playing this Saturday for a while. Maybe we can get a group of us together and knock em out