Exchanging Joysticks in a Hori EX-SE

This is my first arcade stick and and first attempt at modification. Going from an xbox controller to the stick has been quite the learning curve, and while I’m enjoying every second of it I seem to be having some trouble with the joystick.

It’s a matter of sensitivity. Perhaps I’ll get used to it, but slight movement on the stick never shows up on the particular game. I usually have to wait until the joystick “clicks” for it to be truly recognized as a direction. I find myself playing more aggressively with the joystick than the buttons, and it leaves me concerned for it’s durability.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is a couple of questions. First off, what kind of joystick does the EX-SE ship with? Secondly, are there other joysticks available by the same company (I believe it’s Seimitsu) that can give me further sensitivity or slightly more responsive clicks? Lastly, would more responsive sticks be available from other companies, and if so, how difficult would it be to install them?

(I’ve ordered a circular restrictor place to execute special moves easier, still waiting for it to arrive)

The stick in the EX-SE is a ls-32 (01?)
You mention that a slight movement does not register, and that is true of ALL joysticks. They are digital, not analog and only have on and off. essentially you are moving the metal stick to press a button. If you don’t move the stick enough the button is not pressed.
Before ripping out the stick, get used to playing on the one you have. Until you are familiar with playing on a stick then you won’t notice a huge difference between them. Yes, a sanwa might be “looser” feeling but if you are not proficient on the basic movements using a stick it won’t make a big difference.
Last but not least, don’t move to a circular “gate” yet. The square gate is much better in the long run, and just like everything just takes practice to become accustomed to.
The EX-SE all around is a very fine stick and is not what is hold you back. Give it a month or more of use before thinking about modding it.

It’s a Seimitsu LS-32 inside the case since the pcb isn’t common ground. The reason why you shave to wait until the joystick “clicks” is because the metal shaft is hitting a microswitch.

Here’s a pic and some info about your stick. The site slagcoin has alot of info to do with everything arcade sticks.

I highly recommend removing the dark blue restrictor gate since it rounds out edges of the square gate.

You should definately give the stick a try for a month or so to get used to using a joystick over controller.