Examples of People Being Rude with Their Cell Phones

so my father, a fobby old asian man has no clue about how rude he is being with his cell.

i tell him but he doesnt really listen.

but he needs to because we’ll need him not to piss off potential business deals.

so i’d like to ask all of you if know of any articles online or any scenes from movies showing people being jackasses with their cell so i can show him.

thanks, but i guess i should have mentioned that i’m looking for more of a personal one to one kind of example of being rude.

i remember there was some scene in some romantic comedy where an overstrung professional woman is out on a date with some guy and she keeps picking up her phone for work and the dude bails on her. cant remember the movie.

something showing the reactions on the person that has to put up with the behavior and being scornful of it?

Video tape him, then show the footage to random people in public and record their reactions so that you can play back to him.

it seems like it’s just YOU he’s not believing

so if he hears other people saying it’s rude, he’ll understand

Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams.

I was tricked by the ass model they used in the trailer. Broke my heart when I found out the truth.