EX Tatsu

I’ve noticed that EX Tatsu is a bit iffy in corners. sometimes they’ll fly towards the corner sometimes away, kinda annoying for me as i like to get the two strikes of the Shoryu off.

Now i know… that a cross up in the corner Air MK Cross-up -> C.MP -> EX Tatsu will always switch them to the corner agin (if it hits of course) meaning you can guarantee the extra shoryu after, doing MK rather than MP for me seems to knock them the other way irrespective of how fast i do it. But when i’m comboing in any other way besides the combo above i can’t know which way the Tatsu is gonna send my opponent.

Any tips or knowledge available that will allow me to be a bit more succesful with sending my foes to the corner?

cr.lp/cr.lk -> ex tatsu will usually keep opponent in the corner if your opponent is between you and the wall.

^^Is that during combos? like f.RH -> cr.lk -> EX Tatsu, because it still seems a touch random that way.^^

Thanks though i will mess around with lk/lp tonight.

f.RH -> cr.lk -> EX Tatsu is usually the go to combo. On occassion the ex tatsu will send the opponent away from the corner depending on the spacing. The closer you are when you land the cr.lk the better.

sHP->fb->sHP ex tatsu-> HP dP my favorite combo.
Always throws them in the corner for me.

I have found it depends on the distance your target is prior to activation. The closer you are the more likely it is to throw the target forward. s.HP doesn’t move the target much before comboing so it is generally it throws them forward.

It’s completely dependent on range, it’s up to you to learn everyones hitbox and how far you have to be away from a particular character to shoot him out the way you want to. c.lk-c.lp, c.mp -> EX Tatsu when facing a corner will shoot Ryu towards it, but Guile away from it. A neat rule of thumb I go by is to make sure your foot is barely NOT touching your opponents while facing a corner, and to be as close as possible with your back to a corner.

hmm, given me a fair bit to mess around with, cheers guys.