Ex head-butt

i seen RX partition an ex-headbut then connect a mid range sphere…im sure this is what happened in that vid but when i try it the sphere does not connect…im playin 3rd strike on the ps2 is there a different from the ps2 version and the arcade version

Might depend on which character you’re doing it on.

Erm, I know this works for a fact T.T; You can try c.fp ex headbutt jab fireball headbutt and it should connect. the PS2 version is arcade perfect as is the xbox.

I think it connects when you catch your opponent in the air with the EX headbutt.

On most characters you can always follow with an mp sphere if the EX headbutt hits with both hits, even on grounded opponents. You have to execute the mp sphere earlier than it seems.

yeah it works you gotta cancel the 2nd hit wit the ex hb

you can do c.fp xx ex hb, mp sphere, tackle… and so on

It doesn’t work on all characters either, for ex: Alex, you have to do a jap sphere for it to connect instead