EX Hayate, MK Combo Question

I can’t seem to land this on Ryu - does it only work on tall characters (Urien, Q, Hugo)

doesnt have to be stunned, just need some specific spacing. you want to hit with the st. fierce at its max range, and the EX dash punch to stop just before the corner, then you can land the st. mk. o_O cr. strong is easier. f+short is best cuz its easiest and best for setups after.

c.short = crossups = confusion = GRAB!!!

i doubt standing mk works on anyone except Q, Alex, Hugo. and against them its better to do st. fierce

ok, correction, you can land standing mk on most opponents, though im not sure about the small fries, ibuki ,yun, yang

it does land shotos and dudley for suuuure
but you have to be super duper close and the timing is somewhat difficult

I’ve done it on Ryu and Akuma before

I take it you guys are talking about in the corner (cause thats the only time you can connect EX hayate with mk…)? WTF. there is actually a topic about this? what a waste of bandwidth.

just found out standing MK does more damage than crouching strong
so this actually has relevance, only problem is, its super hard to land