EX-GH Pushes back on hit/block/whiff

We have been hit by another nerf… EX-GH pushes back on hit whiff and block now, which means a lot when lp-gh is as short as it is.

heres an example of why:

EX-GH through Ryu Fireball.

c.lp(blocked), c.lk(hit), s.lk(hitconfirmed) XX LP-GH will whiff.

So if they block the first hit, and you hitconfirm of the second you cant use lp-gh and meter is forced.

Ah Veggey, let me guess. Your upset because you can no longer LPGH Ultra 1, your way into top 8 anymore? just kidding :wink:

Everyone needs a bit of lady luck. But you played great for the most part.

Initially, with each edition of the game, I go outside and look up into the sky, and curse FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!

They do it to you all the time, every version, Zangief gets REVAMPED. Clearly, Capcom has no idea how this Russian should play. In USF4 4K Remix, he might become a Shotokan.

They like to screw pile driver with EVERY Zangief player, and make us go 360.

But now after the storm has passed, need to undergo testing of the new LPGH.

Initially I believed that a banish of a projectile counted as “contact”, and that you would gain an additional 30 meter, so you need to banish 4 projectiles for 1 EX bar. But I was wrong! Unfortunately, you DO NOT GAIN meter if you successfully banish a projectile. You need 8 for almost 1 EX bar. This is wrong, and you should gain a little something.

Sadly, RFC and FA after a successful banish is too slow to connect. And I can’t do LPGH xx super cancel on banish yet.

Against El Fuerte’s Q-Bomb on block, without meter for EXGH, the punish looks hard. I could only use far MK - timing is strict. I think, it is almost free damage for El Fuerte!!! When Zangief has no meter, DO AS MANY Q-BOMB as you!!!

haha, actually. since 2012 ive had top 8s like 5th, 3rd, 4th and some 7th. Europe just didnt have any coverage at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not mad about the lp gh beeing nerfed, im just mad about the range beeing nerfed for using it in s.lk / c.lk / c.lp or as a raw whiffpunish.

it will become so tough to fight vs. Chun and Rose imo with the new LP-GH.

Pushback on hit = Good.
Pushback on whiff = good.
Pushback on block = bad.

Startup beeing nerfed to say 11frames = good.

Range beeing removed? Terrible.