EX Focus Attack Benefits?

Are there any other benefits to doing an ex focus attack other than cancelling moves? Does it block focus breakers, block reversal breakers, gives you an extra hit absorbsion in lvl 1, or absorb extra damage from hits on lvl 1 or anything like that?

Certain moves, like Ken’s EX fireball whilst in the corner (I think), can be charged to level 2, creating a crumple state on your opponent. Other than that, it’s pretty good for getting that extra bit of damage if you desperately need it.

If you think your opponent is mashing normals, you can catch them with a counter hit which crumples.

I’m sorry man, I don’t understand the response in relation to the question.

If you don’t understand what the answer then perhaps you’re confused about what an EX Focus Attack is?

only thing im confused about is when ken got the ability to charge his ex FB

^That’s the part that got me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I’m confused about the whole EX Focus thing is, could you explain what it is/how it’s done?

he meant that after ken does an EX fireball he can charge EX focus attack to level 2 and hit you as a link thereby causing a crumple

he’s probably talking about the ability to do focus attacks after doing a focus cancel

generally the only uses are

  • getting a crumple state if you can charge it up and release it at FA2 before the opponent leaves hit stun
  • making certain reversals whiff with certain characters as they pull their hurt box back

you do not have armor when you do focus attacks after doing a focus cancel so using them to fish for counter hits is generally useless without specific set ups (which are rarely worth spending 2 bars on)

if not talking about that then idk either


It is basically SFIV’s version of a Roman Cancel/Baroque Cancel. It let’s you cancel your current connected attack so you can continue your combo.It requires half a super meter and it turns your focus attack yellow during its lvl 1 phase.

I asked because different tutorials usually leave out other things that other tutorials don’t. Like for example, I didn’t know reversals become focus breakers. I only saw this in one tutorial out of many. Did anyone else check to make sure it is ONLY for cancelling moves (just to eliminate more secret capabilities)?

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The very ‘definition’ of Ex Focus CANCEL is to spend 2 bars to cancel the recovery of a move (normal or special) into a Focus Attack.
No, there is no way to ever get an Ex Focus without an Ex Focus Cancel. And it doesn’t get you any special benefits over a normal Focus Attack either.

Forgot the game had a recording feature in training mode. I found out that doing an EX Focus Attack removes Focus Armor ENTIRELY in any lvl of the upcoming attack. That means EX Focusing has NO armor whatsoever. Trading an armor+attack boost for just a move cancel hardly seems like a leveled trade for an attack that is supposed to excel over any normal special attack. Weird :stuck_out_tongue: I guess they are saying that whatever you can do afterward can be a leveled trade to compete against the armor+attack boost. I guess one can call that a balance. Very thin line though. I guess it having no armor just nulls all of my initial questions then xD
Thanx for responses :wink:

There wasn’t even a need to test that, Breaker wrote it

ah, didn’t see that beginning portion. toldya site was messing up for me though (sorry bout that Breaker).

In short:

EX Focus is just like a normal focus, except you can only use it when you cancel something with a FA, and it has no armor. It still crumples on CH lvl.1 FA for example, and causes the same juggle states on airhit.

pick hakan
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