EX Duck Dudley Tutorial Thread


Basic EX Duck tutorial.

I left a lot of stuff out, but these are day one stuff you guys should have figured out. Advanced stuff coming later after I learn the new matchups.

I’ll add more stuff sometime this week. I want to play in Endless for a bit, I haven’t played much endless.

puts on pokerface

submit news tip to eventhubs btw

invisincibility !

good work Mr MeLLoW, :smiley:

no idea how to nominate posts btw lol

just wait til its put up on eventhubs then SRK will put it up

They had one before SRK updated their forums… now idk how. Oh, btw I already did submit for eventhubs just now.

gonna get on training mode and… yes, more.

/me leaves Kappa


Awesome. I just used the OS in a guy matchup and it worked beautifully :slight_smile:

good stuff, I’m going to find an OS for chun li, rose, and fuerte tomorrow when I get back in the lab… right now im just playing some matches because I haven’t played much endless.

Great stuff! I have a local tournament on the 17th so I am definitly learning all I can. Thanks again!

Best Dudley in Hawaii
Haters gonna hate

Dont forget to not jab when you’re getting combo’d

Also works against an incoming hurricane kick, in a rush, in case anyone didn’t kno. Saved my arse a few times.

Good stuff, Mellow. Too bad I am broke as heck to get AE at the moment.

Can’ t test atm since I’m at work, but I was wondering how fast you need to OS the EX duck after f.mk and how hard it its to continut the combo if f.mk hits?
Would it be possible to do f.mk (half circle forward +KK) -> c.lp so that if ex duck comes out then c.lp comes out as duck straight and if f.mk hits the c.lp links?

St.HK xx EX Duck is 0 on block and +2 on hit according to SRK Wiki.

Ex duck ? Upper, straight, or nothing ?

EX Duck recovers that quickly?

That sounds a little shaky. Isn’t the new st.HK 0 on block by itself?

Empty EX Duck.It’s not shaky, it’s very good info actually, as it moves you totally in the opponents face, as opposed to just a st.hk, and it should grant more options.Someone with AE DLC please try Counter hit St.hk xx Empty EX DUCK ~ cr.jab and tell whether it works or not.

Yeah, you’re right, I’m dumb. I forgot you’re canceling the end of the HK. I would try it out, but I’m at work :confused:

I couldnt get it to work first day, cant get it to work now
Not even CH s.HK xx EX Duck, c.LP works

… tutorial 's gonna be an hour late btw

:trollface: tutorial is 2 hours late (: