EX DP to Ultra 1 changed?

Hey, I’m not a Sagat main by any means, but I like picking him up from time to time and my recent play session left me curious about EX DP to U1. I was having trouble hitting it vs Dudley. I know it’s easier vs some chars than others but I was wondering if there was a list. I know this is probably a question that comes up fairly often, but I couldn’t find another post of it and I didn’t see it in the Q&A. Did they change the timing for it in recent updates? I know they changed U1, but I’m not clear about what they changed besides how far forward it moves. Thanks to anyone that answers in advance!

It’s the easiest on these characters ( from easiest to harder) . These are grounded uppercuts remember-

Hakan, decapre ( easy as hell )

Rolento, Elena , poison ( pretty easy)

Chun Li , shotos , Blanka , Bison , Makoto and T Hawk ( tougher and close to missable)

There my be some more like possibly Fei Long and Yang, but they are in the borderline section at best. Some are literally impossible like Seth.

An AA Ex upper into Ultra should work on anyone. The problem is, I’ve asked around a few frame data monsters like Eternal and there seems to be no data on character weights or fall animations. So it’s trial and error.

I have put some of these ( easier ones) in my punishment guides. A rule of thumb I guess would be to remember it works grounded on all the new characters plus Hakan then the rest are much tighter and probably only It worth it ( grounded) as a last resort.

You can also use Ultra 2 for the AA version.

I did some testing with the EX DP linking into Ultra 1 on Frame Trapped a long time ago. I found that even if if your timing is perfect there are a few characters that fall a little too fast for Ultra 1 to catch after a grounded EX DP. And a few others are 1-framers like Ryu if I remember correctly.

Another quirk I found was that if you do the EX DP from outside a certain range on Ryu the follow-up link becomes impossible. Like, say, cr. LK, cr. MP xx EX DP, Ultra 1 will always miss.

After exams I might post a detailed list if there’s still interest.

I think the character fall weights are similar to when heavy weapons made the FADC cross under Ultra video. I remember there being characters on that list that were the same as the EX to Ultra list , and again there are some characters that the FWD roundhouse is really hard to time. Like Balrog.

Gota love street fighter 4 - remembering hundreds of set ups because of character hurt boxes !

found this interesting and ran it in practice to check it out. Cr lk into cr mp into ex dp connects with ultra 1. it’s tight, but it works. I couldnt connect ex dp into ultra 1 on a grounded gief, ever.

Sorry, typo, I meant cr. LK, cr. LK, cr. MP. And if not that then I’m remembering incorrectly.