EX - Demon Slash (Rakan Dantojin) - Juggle Hight on Hit

Has anyone made a list of how high each character gets launched after this? also it seems to be different on counter hit as well.

I dunno i didn’t see one, and i figure it would be something handy to explore because it does seem very character specific, like i know guy goes super high in the air.

I am at work now but, I was just wondering maybe i will make one if nobody else has yet.

it would be good if you made one, all i do to counter this is try to not slam the ultra out right away, i think there may be a sweet spot that will hit every charecter. Just time it slower then the moment you can hit them…

unless of course u crack an FA, then they fly, or it could be a counter attack that does that, im not sure.

i think it’s a counter attack i think i am gonna have to find a system to judge it, like i know some characters you can get the short and forward ground pound and some you can’t, maybe that’s a good level of judgment.

Yeah on counter-hit / breaking armor they fly REALLY high in the air. It’s actually annoying because then you have to change the timing of your follow up :\

I’ve been able to get LK/MK ground pound on almost everyone after EX Slash, but on a few characters it seems kind of tight. There might be a few that you can’t do it on but I’m not sure, I’ll have to test it.

I was not aware mk worked, is it character specific? or CH/FA only?

Not that I know of-- I’m at work right now though so I can’t test it :\ Maybe I’ll make a list of everyone who it works on after some testing later tonight. MK does less damage though so I don’t think there’s really a reason you’d ever want to use it after a slash.

I just use MK if I’m too far away after a combo for the LK ground pound to hit.

ah right. I knew at least one of his specials does more with the lk version. Thought it was the slash, could be both?

MK is kinda of a bad follow up, it depends on what distance you hit them on, to tell you the truth i like to go for the safe tatsu, its very easy to hit and the damage isnt that far off from the LK drop slash move, plus i really like the position it puts me on.

Air Stomp can follow Ex slash but it depends on how high the enemy flies after slash and that depends on the character but on counter hit and focus break all enemies fly really high so you can connect mk easily, hk perharps but lk is highest damage.