EX curved SunDisk

in videos of combos and such I see Oro perform the EX SunDisk from across the screen and even though the opponent isn’t jumping the ball still curves. How is this done?

If you’re talking about Oro aiming his arm upward, I would imagine the opponent was a frame or two away from landing from a jump when T+PP was pressed. The actual landing animation, as well as a bit of Oro’s startup, was probably editted out.

nope unless they did one hell of an editing job cause its not the very start of it - it shows Q standing there the whole time Oro moves back to far end of the screen and then does it, Q doesn’t move the entire time. If you message me sometime on aim: NovaPromtheus I’ll send you the video. Or go on GoForBroke directconnect hub and search for: Oro and its the “skillsmith” one.

Okay, so you’re talking about the 57-hitter that goes like this?

EX upward fireball from across the screen, dash, j.HK (Q’s dizzy), s.LP while the fireball hits, s.MP XX MK chicken, close s.LP, close s.MK XX HP fireball XX EX Tengu Stone, jump chicken, close s.LP, jump chicken, close s.LP, s.MP XX MK chicken, s.MP XX superjump chicken, (Q finally gets up into his dizzy pose) j.HK, s.MP XX MK chicken, s.MP XX superjump chicken.

In the video I have, Q clearly jumps while Oro fires the EX fireball.

wow guess i was so busy taking note of what Oro did I didn’t notice Q jump any of the times I watched it till now (since I was watching for it). So will that combo only land properly if the person jumps or if you’re fast enough at the dash -> j.rh it will land even if they don’t jump?

I just went on Training Mode. The horizontal EX fireball reaches Q too fast; I can only get the j.HK to hit at the same time as the fireball, not before. And even then, the kick wasn’t as deep as it was in the video. Nah, the only purpose of the diagonal EX fireball was to get in that one extra jab when Oro lands.