EX Characters?

I wasn’t really “around” for the Street Fighter EX series, but I’ve heard reception was less than optimal. Anyway, after listening to some of the music… I’ve concluded that the character designs were EXTREMELY badass. Surpassing some of the main series designs in some ways, dare I say. Do you think there could ever be a chance of a future EX title or that characters from it could show up in later titles? And what would you think about that? Just some food for thought.

any sane human wants to see Skullomania in another game. He’s cooler than like half the current SF4 cast

Ex music can move mountains

Sadly Capcom doesn’t have the rights to any character debuted in the series.

Would love it, but ARIKAs license to use the Capcom characters in their games expired not long after the PS2 launch. Supposedly their original characters are tied to the SFEX series thus aren’t allowed in any other projects. So in order for a new game they would have to negotiate with Capcom again, however they aren’t on good terms. Though last year they debuted a little test for 3ds games featuring a few of their EX characters. But so far that looks to have as much promise of a new title as squaresoft doing tech demos of Final Fantasy 7 on the PS2 and PS3.

That said ARIKA hasn’t done much outside of tetris spinoffs, shmups, and small porting for Tekken on the 3ds.

I dunno if the Youtube info was ever translated, but it states that the video was an April’s fools joke for 2011 and that it was filmed and edited on the PC.

Would really like to get into contact with ARIKA and know if they have any plans for a new Fighting Game. I mean, people seem to like the ARIKA character designs (SF EX, Fighting Layer)

lol they troll more than Ono

When I say it’s an April fools joke everyone ignores me.

I just wanted to believe :frowning:

it might have had something to do with the fact the video was posted in june.
Though that seemed like a lot of work for just an april fools.

I prefer the aesthetics in SF3 and SFA3 to the neckless blockheads and generic muzak in the EX games.
Skullomania deserved better.

Because of you “hollier than thou” attitude?

Personally I think they did a great job on the 3D models. Also the music is probably one of the best in the whole SF series.

Overall SF EX2+ is probably the best SF game ever (in my opinion). SF2+A3 gameplay mix, great music and good character designs for the new characters. If they ever do another Fighting game and add a dash like in the april’s fools video, I think the game would be a perfect “basic” fighting game.

It’s unfortunate that these characters are stuck in copyright limbo. It would have been nice to see any of them in the SFIV series.

I was thinking that was perhaps the ground work for the Tekken 3ds game with the dash and side step.

Tekken 3DS is a Tekken 6 port with Young Heinhachi.

The engine and framerate are ported perfectly but there’s literally nothing but Survival and Multiplayer mode so there’s nothing to do :\

What limbo? Capcom has already said that the character’s are Arikas and that they have nothing to do with them.

If it weren’t for the dominating nature of excel combos, I’d call EX2+ the best SF game from a mechanical perspective alone. Outside of 3S the EX games were always my favorite to play. I just wished they hadn’t offed Allen Snider after EX1…

This, a hundred and one times over.

Also, EX3 is really fucking fun, why almost no one gives it a chance? :confused:

There are a few complaints about EX3. Having ugly characters, tag battle, no single player mode, 1 round, 3d characters, no arcade, too cartoony moves and no excel.
Going into 1 one complaint at a time, it was a PS2 launch title that came out 3 months after EX2P did on consoles in japan. Not giving them a lot of time to really experiment with the new PS2 hardware, so of course it’ll look ugly but if its a solid game then you tend to look past poor graphics unless it has ages really poorly like FF7.
But most tag games don’t have multiple rounds though and though the versatility of the game you can mock up a single character battle and then hit retry afterwards to simulate the “rounds”. It also allows for team battles like CvS/KoF, tag like TTT or SFxT, single matches like ST. You can virtually simulate any fighting game style in the game.
Then when it came out it was in 3d, at the time there was still a bane on 3d fighting games much less 3d SF games. Had it come out later when people were willing to move away from sprites like they are now then it would have been received much better than it originally was.
Also when the game came out arcades were still big in the US and we didn’t move outside of the arcade standards for tournaments til several years later. If it were going to be on any console that had lots of good arcade ports then it should have been ported to the Dreamcast. Even now a lot of tournament players don’t have a PS2 much less a stick to play the game on it. If it came out on the DC or be postponed a few years to come out on the Xbox then it might have had a chance to really merge with the FGC.
Some of the meteor moves are just too over the top for them to accept. Hitting someone to the moon with a baseball bat, jumping up into space, etc… Yet they seem to have no problem with other over the top moves in other fighting games, especially anime games, even SF4 is unrealistic in most of what the characters do. If realistic was what people want then Virtual Fighter would be a popular game in the US but its not.
Some people just really love excels or custom combos in general. They aren’t wrong, its just what they enjoy.
But at that point each EX game kind of fills in a niche for each type of player. EX1 is for the purists who want no custom combo or tag, EX2 was for the SFA/CvS crowd. and EX3 was for people who liked EX1 but wanted something a little more, like Tagging or team play.

But the most important thing is that most of these people never played the game. Most people that I get to try it end up walking away thinking that this was a really fun game and wonder to themselves why it didn’t catch on.

Whatever happened to that “Fighting Samlpe,” project from Arika? I’d love to see that fleshed out. It looks fast-paced (not shennanigan SF4 Seth online BS fast-paced) and fun.