Evolution West 2006 on 1up.com episode


This is interesting news to me since it relates to our community.

Pyro’s taunt win?!

Yeah, what a dick, haha. Pyro’s cool though.


His name is John D Fucking Rockefeller!!!

Seth with his crazy head bobblyness. I think it was a pretty good representation of the community. Pyro and Amir needed to show some more EMOTION though. I wish I could end my matches with a taunt.

Someone needs to tell that guy in the third comment why IIx for the dreamcast is not a perfect port. Cool that EVO is getting some press though.

Here’s your chance: http://boards.1up.com/zd/board/message?board.id=show&message.id=14736

I posted my two cents but I pretty much a complete when it comes to sytem mechanics stuff about older games.

Especially with that hair. It was almost hypnotic…

Yeah 1up.com sent me out for the tournament

Why only SF3 interviews? The guy goes out of his way to mention how SSF2T was not in the lineup anymore yet he ignores Hyper SF2 which had a really really good showing. And, best of all a CE Bison did not win.

Very disappointed.

how do I watch the episode? I can’t find the link.

Underneath the picture (of the two guys, one holding a joystick) there are a set of links, to download the video.

i’m famous now!

haha, taunt kill, what a jackass.

seriously though, good shit. I’m glad they did a segment on portal it’s my most anticipated game.

I hope that 1up.com does coverage or maybe even a full report of the Evo 2006 Finals at Las Vegas.

Yeah, they need to cover EVO Finals in Vegas. What was up with SCIII at the end though? Nonetheless good shit.

Not bad. Coulda used more match footage, but still cool.


now i know why we went from arcade to console =(