Evolution 2005 T-Shirt Competition

3rd Annual EVO T-Shirt competition!
Here’s your chance to get your art worn by hundreds of rabid gamers! For the third year, we’re holding a contest to determine the T-shirt design for the EVO tournament. Here are the contest rules:


All artwork must be your own, and not copyrighted by anyone else.

Your design can use no more than 4 solid colors. The shirt will be screen-printed, so no gradients are allowed.

Your design must be at least 300 dpi. This means you should do it in vector format, or as a really big raster image. A 10 inch square design at 300 dpi is a 3000x3000 pixel image.

You must submit your design to artwork@evo2k.com


The winner will receive a free EVO2K5 T-Shirt, EVO2k5 DVD SET, and 1 YEAR OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to Shoryuken.com


All entries must be received by June 15th.

Submission Rules
Here’s how to submit your entry

Reduce the size of your entry to NO WIDER than 500 pixels and save it as a gif or jpg.

email it to the address listed above.

Helpul Hints
Here are some of the things we’re looking for:

Designs should jive well with the SRK/EVO look. Check out the EVO site at www.evo2k.com for ideas or pointers.

Remember that EVO has various games including Street Fighter, Tekken, and Guilty Gear. A good design should reflect this diversity.

The font used in the EVO logo is Federation Wide.

Good luck!


i might try and do this to.

I’m In.

Oooo I’m totally in. Too bad I used all my cool ideas for the ts5 shirt. I have to think of something brilliant…

I already thought of something, now I have to put it together. It’s gonna be great (hopefully)…

Am I allowed to join? (2k3 winner)
I’d like to give it a shot… schedule allowing.

EZPK… lol

look for my 5+ designs by deadline :slight_smile:

What four colors exactly? White and shades of orange?

Are we allowed to submit more than 1 entry?

rook: yes
masterchibi: your choice
mr.twelve: yes

I think you should be able to. This competition isn’t just about winning, its about getting the best design onto the evo shirts.

This means no use of official SF artwork as stock?

I would assume so

Count me it.


mmm… sounds fun. Im in.

how big should the logo be?

im in this.

^i love you babe.

What color will the shirts be? Or will it be up to us again?