Evo2k14 - Bracket Tool and Statistics

URL: http://evo2k4.bavobbr.eu.cloudbees.net/


This quick and dirty web application covers statistics provided by EVO 2014 at the Evo bracket overview. It aims to answers questions like:
[]Who are the players for each game?
]Who is competing for which countries?
[]What matches has my favorite player played?
]What’s the next match to be played?
[]Who is in the pools?
]What are the latest results?
and likely many more as soon as the question pops up and the data can provide an answer.


The current database has discovered 3915 players in 3044 matches for 8 games from 46 countries divided over 380 pools.


This has been made as an unofficial independent third party product, which ties in to Evo public brackets and the Fighting Game World Ranking. You will find for each pool a link to the source data, and for each player a link to search his current tournament data and rankings. This is an evolution of the [Evo2k3 Stream Monster App](vo2k3 Stream Monster App)

Find it all at http://evo2k4.bavobbr.eu.cloudbees.net/