Evo2009 mvc2 intro video... war isn't fair

Does anyone have a quality copy of the intro video they used for mvc2, that ended with “war isn’t fair”?

I’ve got all the intros and mean to upload them to YouTube, but I’ve been hella lazy this year.

I’ll get all my typical annual Evo stuff up at some point in time, including the intros up on my YouTube account, my Photos I took this year onto Flickr, and my yearly assessment of Evo onto my blog soon. I swear!

  • James

Any word on this? I’m itching to see that vid again.

just keep http://www.youtube.com/jchensor as sum kinda of bookmark, and keep checking back. that’s what I’ve been doing.

for what? that video sucked.


lol! Thanks, fanatiq.

  • James

nothing personal, but as far as skill the video didn’t display anything technical. As far as concept is concerned it was ok. However I feel like the concept was wasted on such basic stuff.


  • James

I just liked the intro overall, I’m not trying to ‘learn’ from it, I was just describing it to friends that didn’t go to evo, and it’s easier to just show it.

the cannons, will marvel still be on dc(hopefully) if capcom cant get mvc2 fluent on xbox?

All the dreamcasts were sold or destroyed, i’m pretty sure evo is all in on the new versions.

I think since we saw PS3s for SFIV and HDR, it will most likely be MVC2 on PS3 due to the 5 downloads per 1 profile (cost effective).

I dont own a playstation but in order to play mas sticks on it dont you need a converter? converters are difficult to play on cuz of lag =[