Evo West CvS2 Top 8


Now where are the other matches from this past weekend… post them here!


I don’t see any from evo west…

refresh your page

who has footage from pools/semis?

I have matches of me vs paulee and leezy from my pools. Also casual matches right before CVS2 Final top 8.

Keith gargles peanut butter everynight before sleeping

kim’s feet smell like shit
don’t ever let him stay in your hotel room

Ed vs Albert…very very interesting.Also looks very very very familiar…OH THATS RIGHT they screwed me outta that very same situation and called to disqualify me at Texas Showdown 6! Judges ruled a continue and or didnt say anything there …
BEST BELIEVE I’ll remember this when Evo East and World comes around!!!
Those quotes are in my sig for a reason!

thanks kim

Uploaded my evo matches in pools.

Eric “no jizz” lee vs Gene wong

Paulee vs Gene wong

um, do you have the actual vids somewhere that’s NOT youtube?

i need to freeze frame the matches and study how leezy gets hype, but that shit aint happenin on youtube

i can send it through aim or some shit. i unno, i have the actual matches. then you can freeze frame it with your freeze framing programs… O_o

Awesome! Where could I get CvS2 palettes?

You can’t study how I get hype fool…it’s that random luck factor that makes people fuck up shit they normally do with ease…

…shit doesn’t work on Koreans, though…

i thought only top players had the random luck factor.


what keith meant was “jack off” to the best K groove player in the world.