Evo Stories From Hell

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Share some of your most entertainingly bad Evo experiences, but keep in mind that this is not an Evo bashing thread. We’re just talking about bad experiences that happened during or around Evo (unfortunate road trip incidents, hotel horror stories, etc.) that you can either look back on and laugh or shutter.

This is going to be my fourth Evo. Of all three of my trips, despite the fact that the event itself was incredible, 2009 had to be the worst thanks to a certain someone we took with us. I’ll just call him M. I didn’t know M very well but I did know that he was into fighting games and was a generally nice guy, so my friends and I invited him to Evo. He even offered to drive us there. Due to circumstances beyond our control we winded up having to rent a car which M’s father offered to do for us. However M and his father “surprised” the day we were to leave by telling us he rented a Dodge Charger which eats up gas like a motherfucker.

So we winded up having to fork over a large amount of cash ($20 more and we could have bought plane tickets) to cover the rental fee and the gas. Now this I could have dealt with except I learned the hard way that you don’t really get to know someone until you’ve either ridden in a car with them for 4 to 5 hours or you’ve stayed in hotel with them. In this case, I had to deal with both. First off, he talked for the entire 4 to 5 hours. If one of us tried to go to sleep, he woke us up to talk to them again. Topics ranged from how “hungry” we were for Evo and repeating jokes that I had made hours ago. So needless to say, it was a pretty bad car ride.

Now, I could have let most of this go by the end of the weekend, but then it only got more annoying when we tried to practice. My friend is a hell of a lot better at SF than I am but M decided that he was a lot better than me too and would constantly belittle me when my friend would try to give me advice. (And believe me, he had no right to brag.) But it only got worse. M was planning to get up extra early to practice and offered to wake us all up. No problem there. Except that he insisted on practicing 1:00am while we tried to get to sleep. It took some pretty nasty glares to get him to shut the game off. And then he didn’t wake us and as a result, we woke up 10 minutes before the first matches were scheduled. Sleeping in happens all the time, but what infuriated us was his reasoning for not waking us up. It was because “we all looked so peaceful.” The rage continued to build.

The final straw was when M gave us yet another “surprise.” He got a call from his father telling him that we all had to be back home by 5pm because he had school the next afternoon. Now my friend and I were bother several years older than him and long past the age when we needed a curfew, so add that to the fact that we were going to miss the finals because of this and you have two very angry large black men with a grudge the size of a small galaxy. However, my wonderful buddy who drove to Vegas in a separate car did the unthinkable and offered to let my friend and I borrow his car so we could drive back late that night after the finals were done while he and his companion rode back with M. His reasoning was that he wasn’t interested in seeing the finals anyway. (Bless his soul)

So we filled up his gas tank for him and before the three of them took off, we asked for our share of the gas money back from M since we weren’t riding with them. He refused. I’ve never socked anyone in the face before but God damn was I tempted. It took every ounce of energy between my friend and I not to pound his ass into submission. But we decided to just blow it off and enjoy the finals. (which were fucking awesome by the way!

And that’s where the story would have ended, except we later found out that M asked my two buddies for gas money on the way back. In the end, we were conned out of about $60. Needless to say, I don’t hang out with M anymore. And while I’ve long since gotten over hating him, I prefer to keep my distance as not to be tempted to add assault to my blank record.

EVOLA virus 2K9 is my horror story.

Being crammed in “nut to butt” in the Salty suite. It must have been 100 degrees in there. The horrors…

Ah, I remember that. Started feeling sick two days after I came back. In fact, that was the same Evo that my story took place at. How could I forget?

Is M a member on SRK?

meh… this will be my 3rd EVO… i went in 07, 09 and this year is locked…

in 07 i was pretty green on the grand scale of the FGC… i flew in by myself, roomed by myself and had nobody to practice with at first… but once i got to the floor (and bodied in all my games) I started socializing… i met some of my best gaming buddies that year and it was hype from start to finish so all in all it was a great trip

09 had to be my hell story too i guess but it wasn’t so bad in retrospect… me and my ‘brother’ decided to go in like january… when we started laying out plans i looked him square in the face and said ‘Jay don’t take this lightly, I’m serious about this trip, you CANNOT screw anything up’ he told me that he was just as serious, and since i had regailed him with stories from my frist trip out he seemed pretty on the ball so i just let it flow

I reserved our hotel room, and even paid for his tournament entry which he said he’d pay back later… i kept reminding him that we needed to buy plane tickets ASAP, but of course he shrugged it off saying we could do it later, and he instead spent his paychecks (from a job i got him no less) on, well mostly weed i guess i don’t really know where it all went. But when it got down to the wire i told him we absolutely had to buy tickets immediate, of course he cried broke. I refused to buy his plane ticket but he convince a friend of ours to lend him some cash provided he pay her back when we returned.

I then made the mistake of tasking him with buying our plane tickets. Not only did he buy mad expensive flights, he also managed to book flights on seperate planes that left almost a day apart meaning i would arrive a day ahead of him and we would also have to leave on Sunday night… BEFORE the finals were over. I guess i was just relieved to be going back so i just left it alone, atleast we were going to get there and i wasn’t going alone this time

So EVO-day arrived and i flew out about 8 hours ahead of Jay, and secured our hotel room (with the assistance of a helpful SRK friend, if you’re reading this Ricky thanks again man) i had a blast at the pre party, drinking and playing Tekken 6 and all that. Then Jay arrives and finally decided to let me in on the fact that he also managed to squander all his half of the hotel room fees… great… i tried not to let it get me mad… but i was left flat broke with no money to feed myself and food is hella expensive out in Vegas

The rest of the trip was awesome, i met some new friends, played some pros, did alright enough in my tournaments (Ciji beat me in SC4), got an offer for sponsorship, and even smoked out with Dr.B… but then Sunday showed up and i got incredibly irritated that i had to miss the SF4 finals and anything that happened before hand… we had to bail just and the crowd was at it’s thickest with hype jumping around like elctricity… then i had to pay for the taxi ride to the airport and when i got homeside i found i was about $200 overdrafted from having to carry the hotel room myself… excellent… tehn i had to catchup on what i missed in the SF4 tourney via youtube and it made me feel worse

Wasn’t that bad in retrospect… the worst was the next year in 2k10 when i hadn’t learned my lesson and paid for the hotelroom and mine and Jay’s tournament fees way prior only to find out he had botched our trip again and couldn’t afford his ticket once more… so i just pulled the plug on the whole damn thing and decided to watch the stream… on which the commentators repeatedly let the audience know that if you weren’t there “you had to be there”… top it off with the stream dropping the GFs and you get my worst EVO without me even going… i’ve learn not to include my brother on my EVO plans since then and not to trust him to pay his half of the rent either…

My EVO plans for this year are locked in tight… and don’t include Jay what-so-ever i looking forward to this being the best EVO for me yet… and i didn’t get sick after 2k9… but i left before the finals soooooooo…

This will be my 3rd trip to evo and hopefuly my 2nd time actually atending the event. The previous 2 years were 09 and last year.

My horror story was in 09. Me, my gf, and two of my buddies decide to drive down. we get everything squared away and give the car a tune up and everything before we head out ( this is the important part). We load up in the small car we are taking and head out at around 3 a.m looking at a 22hr drive ahead of us. Everythings going fine until dawn hits and we look up into the sky and see a evil looking grin in the clouds, you know, the kind of grin that says, " you’re fucked and you don’t even know it yet". Meanwhile the radio starts playing the song highway to hell, yeah thats an omen if I ever saw one.

So we are making good time and decide to stop for lunch in a little town about 200 miles outside of Vegas. We eat then hop back into the car and take off. Well no more than a few minutes later the car started loosing power and jerking back and forth. One of my buddies knows cars decently well figured the most probable cause was over heating, so we do our best to get the engine cooled down and head out again. We make it 5 more minutes before the car just dies. We end up staying the night in the little town and get ready to head out the next morning, still determined to make it to Evo.

We meet up with the mechanics the next day and they tell us that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it, hell they even took around a 20 mile test drive in it and nothing seemed wrong. It was 100 miles to the next town, we made it 50 before the car craped out again. It took around 5-6 hours to limp to that next town and all the while we slowly lost out minds in the blazing Nevada sun. We had Big O, Captain of the S.S. State of Nevada with us for a bit, and thats just a tase of some of the sanity that was left along the Highway. We finaly reach the town and proptly settle into the blissfully ACed hotel for the night crossing off our hopes of reaching Vegas and Evo.

On the return trip we were able to borrow my gfs moms car while they took ours in for repairs, and the trip home was fairly uneventful save for the time when our homocidal GPS told us to turn into a forest fire and when the song paradise city came on the radio as soon as we were within the range of the station, almost as if it was welcoming us home.

We got the car back a few weeks later and it turns out that the problem was the power stearing pump went out, and remember the tune up i mentioned in the begining? Well the only reason that it wasn’t switched out was because it was in a hard to reach area.

So theres my Evo story from hell, a misirable weekend stuck in the blazing sun all because of a liitle laziness

Alright I’ll join in on this…
This will be my 6th evo. (03,04,06,08,10 and soon 11)

This particular story is from 2006.This isn’t one of those omg wtf stories, but just something funny I guess.
This was the first year that Evo had gotten sponsorship from Toyota(the 2nd year being 07). I had qualified at EvoEast in cvs2 and I was like “Im going fuck it.” My friend Karl had gotten my and this guy Josh (Zidanel33t-GG player) a room with these 2 guys. We figured whatever doesn’t matter. So we get to Vegas and it turns out the guys we were gonna stay with had not shown up yet, we’re like wtf. So we thinking of our options and I forgot that Hevad Khan was in Vegas that weekend for WSOP and I was like alright I’ll call him up and ask and he was in the Excalibur. I call him up, I explain everything, he’s like “Ok thats cool”, and we stay there.

Okay so thats the ground work for the story.
The guy we originally were suppose to room with shows up and we meet him, he’s a cool guy etc. We get to the room and everything is cool and there’s this one quiet guy(IIRC). Some sorta shady looking dude that was friends with the guy whom booked that room. Everything is fine til the next day…

We all wakeup and there’s (i’m not shitten you guys) 10 mexicans sleeping on the floor and throughout the room. We wakeup like “Who the fuck are these guys?” The shady guy is like yo its okay bro I know them…0_0!

so LOL… The guy Nathan I think his name was, is like, "Alright whatever bro wtf, this just mad random."
Other guy is like, "Its okay man they’ll be outta here just gonna get ready and we be out."
Nathan’s like “Okay thats cool, just should’ve let me know bro.”

So we leave, and come back later…

There’s fuckin a HUGE mess all over the room, and the mexicans are gone (LOL). We check our bags nothing appears to be missing and we search the room…

1)Chicken bones in the shower/and on the bed (must’ve been a ritual)
2) Empty chicken buckets in the bathroom
3)Random garbage on the bed
4)Random shit all over the place

I cannot describe it.

After that we were like yo fuck this guy.
Later on he found out his T5 game/stick/some other games were missing

Holy shit, this. First Evo ever too

The sickness wasn’t that bad thinking about it. Feeling lightheaded for four days after, but other than that I went back to normal.

Nah man, I couldn’t even walk next door without getting bad motion sickness for a week.

Niggas don’t use deodorant!

Whenever the guy with the ICP jersey that hasn’t been washed since Evo 2k3 walks upwind of me…

Worst part is you aren’t exagerating.

Fuck yeah, I was on the elevator with him on my first day and it was awful. He wore that shit all weekend too, I had the pictures on my old iphone. I showed people it was from 3 different days, they didn’t believe me at first. I actually didn’t know that was a ICP jersey until you said it, I remember the little guy on it and it just clicked right when you said ICP.

I couldn’t escape the guy, he was also in one of my pools. I can’t remember if it was SFIV, or HDR.

I went in my email, and the pics are still in there from when I sent them, titled 'Funky D-Bag"

He’s been wearing the exact same pants and jersey for at least as far as I’ve been going to Evo. I wonder how long before…

Never…EVER…eat the room food.

^ lololololol

Dan Marino.

Fuck that piece of shit. I saw we jump him in a back alley this evo.

I recall walking through the game room and getting hit in the face with a wave of ass. I guess that was it.