EVO shirt competition: Post Entries Here!

EVO shirt competition: Entries Only!

The competition deadline is approaching. Artists, please post your submission to this thread. Please ONLY post sumbissions, that way everyone won’t have to wade through lots of text posts to see all the designs.

If you’ve already posted your design in the old thread, please re-post it here.

Good luck to everyone.

Here’s my sker…

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If the first link does not work, try the second.

Pocket Art

Back Art

I am working on a second design, I may post it here later.

my entry:


larger version here

  • navy blue T-shirt serves as the base of the design
  • 3 shades of blue and a near-white for printed colours.
  • Design can be front or back
    –> If design on front, EVO logo centred on the upper back (near the collar);
    –> If design on back, EVO logo on area where left breast pocket would be.

The 2 darkest and intermediate shades aren’t differentiated on my browser… anyone got ideas how to solve this? HEX codes are: 4798D3 and 3E78BC. Would be great, cause I’m viewing this and it looks a lot more flat (colour-wise) than I intended it to be.

The drawing would be printed on the front of a white or gray shirt in black and white. There would be a caption above it saying “EVOLUTION 2003.” Then below it or on the shirt’s back, would be the caption, “Come Get Schooled”


Here is my submission. 4 color usage. I am assuming the shirt is Black?


If this doesn’t work it’s on the other thread page 12 I think.


My Designs

Here they are [two variants using black(background)/white/two shades of blue]

The first is my original concept with the trendy arrows representing the joystick directions. The second is with a more traditional style. The ones after that are just rearranged arrows. The attached images are PREVIEWS (therefore some anti-aliasing and loss of vector format–not even 50% of the original size). The original-full-sized vectors will be availible if needed.

Design A
Design B
Design C
newDesign D (thanks -KDX-)

I feel these would represent a shirt that could be worn outside of the tournament and still have some cliche =\

Good luck to all of the other artists~ :smiley:

sorry I posted in wrong thread…


i was looking around so i decided to make and entry
it was kinda rushed



here it is. great submissions, everyone. they look classy =]

sorry, was gone for a while…they arent done tho but heres somethin i worked on




lookin good guys :slight_smile:

Good luck?

well heres mine :slight_smile: frist the front



and thats the back put on the top middle of the shirt near the collar

My 2nd Entry! OOWOOowow!

COPY AND PASTE THESE IN THE URL BAR! Or you can enter a ? at the ned of the filename.

Here’s the Design

Here’s a bigger higher rez version

Here’s the Pocket Logo

COPY AND PASTE THESE IN THE URL BAR! Or you can enter a ? at the ned of the filename.

I finished, but can’t post. A message says it must be 102,000 bytes or smaller.

I don’t know how many bytes my image is.

How do you create a link?

How did you post your art?


C:\Documents and Settings\jeff nevins\My Documents\My Pictures

Oh, it’s 330,000 bytes. Anything I can do?

Here’s another attempt…

The pixel width was over 500. Sorry about that. The coloring destroyed the line art, but I usually hand off my drawings to people who know how to it…:slight_smile:

It’s for 2-D games/animation. May 2-D live forever.

t-shirt entry

front of shirt: 3" tall

second half of t-shirt

back of shirt: 6" by 8"

How did you post the actual image as opposed to a link.
Well, here’s the original b&w pencil line…

I decided to do a sword/knife theme, since there’s so many cool characters that fall into that catagory.

OK Here’s my entry:





For this entry, I want the front design to be centered horizontally and placed on the chest area. The back will be in the same position…just…on the back, ^^.

Also, please keep in mind that if you any additional information such as the location and date that I can add it in very easily. Hope you all like it.

Thanks to CodEZ for hosting for me.

edit: I had someone say they thought this was not my artwork in the design. I assure you it is 100% all me, and you will be HARD pressed to find any pics that look exactly like that (although it’s easy to see I borrowed some already famous poses for 2 of the characters). Don’t make me bust out the scans, ^.~