Evo Schedule

You can find it here.


Cool beans! :smiley:

Awesome. Good stuff :slight_smile:

I’m really getting pumped for this!
Totally can’t wait to see the greats!

Oh man, this is going to be so fun. SSFIV AE for 15 hours!

I hope that AE is headlining Sunday rather than MVC3…oh well, either way its going to be amazing!

So all the pools will be simultaneously done for their respective games at 8 am? Or will they be split apart in between the times of 8-6? 10 hours of straight pools sounds insane. >_>

They will be split apart.

9am sharp for Sundays finals sounds like you guys mean business! Whats the target time for wrapping everything up Sunday?? Just to get an idea on a departure time from Vegas…Thanks!

I have one question for you guys. I am one of the registered players for Tekken 6,

Tekken 6 – Saturday, July 30th
Pools: 8 AM – 6 PM
Semi Finals: 6 PM – 10

This is the official Tekken tournament schedule. If in this case, should I show up the day before the schedule which is July 29th?
or can I just show up on the exact day which is July 30th? I will wait for your reply. Thank you

There’s going to be an unofficial side tournament for Arcana Heart 3 on Friday at 6:00PM in the BYOC area:

will pools be posted online?

^ Yeah, sometime in the next couple days there should be a page on evo2k.com that lets you look up where & when you’ll be playing.

Is there a schedule for when those special movies are gonna be shown? I can’t find it.

yeah, I’m waiting on the bracket/matches schedule too. I land Friday at 7:40am :-/ and am reeeeeeally trying not to miss my first match.

Me either, I still didn’t get any email about bracket/matches schedule. What should i do? just go there and check it? exactly that day??;;;

http://evo2k.com/checkin <—Check pools and schedule

http://evo2k.com - full schedule just posted

Check the front page of SRK because they already posted the schedule on when you can pick up your badges and such. I don’t think the actual brackets will be posted online.

Where’s the MK stream? I mean if some 3rd Strike exhibition nonsense can get on there, it doesn’t make sense to NOT show one of the featured games.

Hey this is great, but where is it streaming? Everyone wants to know and time is wasting!

So am I correct in assuming that it means everything starts 11AM EST? Just making sure.