EVO sale: Team Spooky Cotton Threads yo

Denizens, residents, and wanderers from SRK and fighting folks alike,

You can now rock the threads of Team Spooky: Kings of Poverty while being content as a stream monster, rabbling and ranting at other people on the screen of the interwebs.

Featuring the Team Spooky design by Master Chibi, also Van Gohing with the kickass avatars for community, which users can have neat looking icons to their profile on this site. :smiley:

On the front of the shirt, it incorporates the infamous Team Spooky Skull and Crown logo that is featured on the live feed and videos online, and on the back of the shirt has a picture of Shiki, an exit sign with a dude running outside. Tight.



Mad hyped for the Spook’s shirts?
Keep an eye out at Evolution if you wanna be the early bird wearing it first. :smiley:

Available soon in Medium, Large, X-tra Large on TeamSpooky.com

Respect for the fighting game community.

Totally buying one without a doubt